Yard sign design thoughts?

Here is my yard sign design, owning a sign business helps keep things easy! Let me know what you guys think or would change.

Way too busy. From what others have posted in the past you should really keep your yard signs extremely simple. Something like “House Washing - Your Number - Your Website” and the reverse would be identical but you could probably list a different service like concrete cleaning.


Agree with @DisplacedTexan. It’s nice but too much going on for a drive by. Your vehicle will be in front of the house with the name, logo, and details. That’s a quick “call me” method.


This is ours, simple I’ve been told is better. Hope it helps.


Those are very nice signs. I’ve still got a few of my first ones that I’m going to put out and then I’ll have some new ones made and plan to have them ultra basic. Service, number, website.


The simpler, the better. I’ve had very good results with these in my small town.

Thanks man!

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