XJetter Gives In To DI

I’ve been XJetting for almost a year and a half, ever since I gave DSing about half a chance, and before I knew the difference between an unloader and a freeloader. That adjustable spray IS nice but when I bought my 8g/3500 PW, it came with the DS. NOW, none of my mentors XJet, but @squidskc used to, and had actually made a few videos to help tutor me and some of the other XJetters. THING IS, running back and forth hauling 5-gallon buckets is a colossal PITA . My new buddy @Hdglider came over to help me get it plumbed (and all I got him was a chili-cheese plate from COOK OUT. MAN, that was one great burger!

ANYWAY, after we made adaptation after adaptation and robbed the XJet and several hoses of their plugs and sockets, we had an injector by-pass and a properly plumbed DSI. Today I had my guys try out the new chem delivery system, and I don’t think any of us will be XJetting ant time soon.

I DO love that XJet adjustable tip, so I ordered the DS version…:sunglasses:


Do you house guys use the x jet to draw more chemical and longer distance?

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I love you George… I mean that. But I never x-jetted vinyl houses or painted houses. Lol only stucco. I think you’ve said that a few times.

DS is the way to go 95% of the time. Glad you’re evolving! The x-jet is a great option to have in the tool kit though.

In the YouTube video X-Jet Wizard I told you how not to lug around buckets too! :slight_smile:


That, too, was a major PITA. I suspect I’ll never look back.



Now wait a minute! I remember you telling me the bucket was no big deal!! Lol!

Just messin, and YES. It’s a PITA…

I’m about to test that tiny general that squid recommended, fingers crossed.


Can you post a photo of your newly plumbed DS and bypass? Thanks!

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@MrSparkleVA Brother I have to say I’m glad you gave it another try because watching you lug those buckets around made me tired lol. But the best part of hooking all that up was THAT BURGER!!! That xjet will still have it’s place though when you need it.


To draw more stronger mix sometimes. For range… no…


I’ll get that done tomorrow.

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Wise move… xjet has place but DS way nicer.

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Whats your current setup? If i remember right you are building a rig in your truck bed. I wish i still had the pics of mine i posted one on her somewhere but its wasn’t bad at all i really liked it. Check out sir wash alots rig its awesome. Best setup for 6ft pickup bed

For stronger mixes but if you have have a 12v, air or gas pump there is really no need.( atleast i haven’t yet)

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There you go! plugs directly into my hose reel.


You’ll love the M5DS tip!!

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@Barry1 it’s interesting you say that. When I hooked it up this morning, the pressure through my new 7-12g XJet nozzle was very low. When I replaced it with my standard XJet, it blew like the dickens. I don’t really understand. Any idea why the pressure would be so low? My 8G3500psi machine ain’t the problem.

That’s because the x-jet has always had a lot of pressure. That’s why you see guys modifying a lance so their xjet would produce lower pressure. Let the chem do the work!!:grinning:

I tried that ‘modification’, didn’t work.

On a side note, I noticed if I throttle down my 4/4, my Xjet reaches further instead of spraying like a snow maker at a ski resort. Any idea if it’ll still draw like that?

Controlling draw without needing to go back to the trailer may be the best part. All I need to do is change out XJet tips to turn on/off the chems.

I’ve been using x-jet the last 3 years and yea the bucket was a pain so I keep a tank in my van and 200’ of chemical hose on it i use with the x jet, then I have a 1gpm 12v boosting it…it has worked great and I can get on roofs and decks without a bucket with no problems getting it to draw its also nice I can disconect hose from x jet while i’m working and pump the strong mix strait from my hose if I need to in bad areas with moss and mildew on the brick…idk just thought I’d share another way to do it😃 I think I’m gunna try ds this year tho that seems to be more popular here

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Unorthodox method but I applaud your creativity, if it works it works.