Xjet m5 newbie

So I just started in this industry and just purchased a X jet m5. So I’m a little confused about the proportioner‘s about if I’m using a 10 to 1 beige proportioner. what is the percentage I am putting on a house if I’m using 12.5% SH running a 4gpm pressure washer with 5 gallon bucket? Do I add water to my 5 gallon bucket do I not add water if I’m using proportioners if I’m not using proportioners do I have batch mix or just use straight SH with surfactant?

Sorry for all the questions everyone but little confusing when all the videos and I formation I find it just says use a 10:1 proportion or 50/50 mix but doesn’t tell me what’s the percent mix and if I use the proportion or not and if I add water to my bucket……

Hope to hear from you guys

I don’t know a whole lot about X-jet personally, but I know #s very intimately. If you’re pulling 12.5% @ 10:1 injection, that should be 1.14% hitting the house, which is a pretty solid HW mix.

Too strong IMO. I only go 1% sometimes on really bad sides and make sure to water plants down really good before, during and after. I use 1% for pretreating concrete. My normal mix is 0.6% and gets the job done very well. If it’s only dirty, I’ll go 0.3%. This is assuming 12.5%, so I’m reality is weaker than that.

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If you are trying to figure out ratios and percentages you are spending time you could be washing. If you are bound and determined to use an xjet, take off the 3/8 hose and that stupid metal filter, replace with 1/4 hose. Add a gallon of 12.5 to 4 gallons of water, splash of surfactant and wash. If mildew didn’t turn brown in about 5 minutes, add more bleach. Get a ds injector as soon as you can do you don’t have to use the xjet.


End of thread.

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So, I have been using it for a little over a year. DS is great until you need a hotter mix and in BAMA we have some heavy mildew and mold so often times I need hotter than a 1-2% mix.

I will say, I didnt use proportioners for. the first while. I batch mixed. I highly suggest using the proportioners and just pouring straight SH + Surfactant in your pail. I mainly use 10% SH. On brick and heavy mildew I think its Black or Grey prop., which is like 5:1 and it was working great for me. if the 5:1 didnt work, Id go to the 2.5:1 which would give me a real strong mix. Ive yet to kill a plant or grass, so long as you are aware and pre rinse/post rinse it. I would start by getting you 100’ of the polymer tubing so that youre not carrying the pail all the time. maybe even get a 2nd pail and place it where you may need it.

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