X-jet for roofs?

So after doing some research for X-jet’s I have to say I am definately. interested. Especially since now I can’t even use my $100 Legacy hose because the QC won’t lock in. Hopefully I just need a new O ring.

I want to get a dedicated roofing system, but not wanting to invest another $1000 right now after just buying a new pressure washer. It seems great for washing houses but maybe not for roofs. Thoughts?

Some people claim they use them and have success… the vast vast majority dont.

12V is the most common and cheapest method of application. You can pick up a good 5GPM pump from pressure tek for $135. You can buy 300’ of 1/2" polybraid hose for just over $100 (most people only run 200 to 250’ feet on a reel, though). Buy a 55 gallon drum off of craigslist for $20. Spend $100 on a battery (you can use a cheaper battery, but in the long run the big marine ones are best). Spend $75 to $150 on a hose reel. Done. Around $450. You can maybe make that back on the first job, or the first couple jobs for sure.


There are people on both teams. I tried x-jet on my own garage roof and wasn’t particularly impressed, but that’s before I it was recommended to me pull the proportioner and get a 50/50 mix.

Use the search and you’ll find a couple x-jet roof washers.

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I use xjet on roofs without proportionier and get great results. Use it on houses to. Only takes a couple of minutes to spray one side of roof.


There ya go @NWpressurewashguy. @Paul_Kelly is the man to talk to about X-jetting roofs. Paul, how long of a draw tube do you use on your X-jet? I haven’t changed the one that came on it from pressuretek and was going to try one that’s 30 feet long. Thoughts?

W/O the proportioner, how long does it take for you to burn thru the 5 gal pail, Like 2 min?

I’ve seen some guys claim you can go up to about 45-50’ but I haven’t tried since I’ve only used my xjet twice in past 3 years, lol

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Yeah, I don’t really care for the X-jet, but I’ve been doing stucco and dryvit twice a week lately so it’s seen a lot more action. I’m gonna try the 30’ hose.

Heck, try 40’ first. You can always cut if it doesn’t work. Let me know.

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Interesting that its working for you guys. Like Racer, i wonder how big of a deal it is to have the mix at the gun with you. May try it sometime just to see how it goes. If nothing else, it never hurts to have a backup method to 12V.

Ive seen people say they use 50 ft. no problem. I think.some even go a little further.

Make sure to get the m5…it’s quite handy to be able to adjust spray pattern. Also those proportioner pill things are almost totally useless. I’d just use a gate valve with barbs to regulate flow on your siphon line, but with a roof you’ll probably have it wide open anyway.

It’s date night with the gf and I’m secretly hiding my business research while she’s in the bathroom. I’d like to learn more about this if you have pics. I’ve only ever used the black proportioner or none at all. Getting the black one out is quite the treat though. I pull it with pliers and reshape it, but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes two pieces. Tried a little Vaseline on it with no real help.

If I could get away with using a valve instead of these little turds I’d be over the moon. It’s the little things.

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Glad you got your priorities right, lol.


Hahaha YES! It is the little things :joy:

If I can find my old x-jet hose I’ll snap a few pics, but it’s super basic, just replace the ball valve on the line with a gate valve; you can get one from Home Depot or amazon for less than $10. I just measured dilution in turns of the knob, 1=25% open 2=50% open etc.

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I can spray down one whole side in 2 mins. I go through on average about 20
gal on a average house

And what’s your typical mix look like?

If he pulled the proportioner then its probably straight sh or they’re would have been no need to pull the proportioner in the first place.

No mix 12% sh without proportioner it is almost 50/50 ratio

She asked when she got back if I checked the forum… I told her all my new friends are here. She rolled her eyes as she should’ve. :joy:


Hot blond next to you and your on here with us lol.
You are committed to the trade. No arguing here

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