Wow. At a loss for words

I’ve been a member here for maybe two years never posted. Thanks for all the great information.
I saw this today while looking on fb marketplace. I’m at a loss for words. Never seen a name your price special before.

This cat is in my area, is liked by half the “industry” and has spoken at round tables. Laughable. I don’t care what people charge, but he nails signs to every telephone pole around and is vulgar in his posts


That’s funny! I guess you just gotta laugh at it. I will make my money my way and they can do it their way. I Always tell my wife these clowns won’t be around in 5 years. But there will always be these type of people. And from what I can tell my customers always know the difference from the $99 dollar guy and myself/ reputable business owners.

I’m not knocking his prices. You can make a ton of money doing $99 washes.

Yea I do a lot of mobile homes for $100. I just dont advertise it as my selling point.

Yep, we had a call today…“we used to use another company, but they’re no longer in business”…yeah, you’re not going to like our prices, bc I can guess why that guy is out of business, lol.


Pretty hard to upgrade equipment charging those rates, especially with this inflation.


Nope, the business lasts as long as the equipment does…then it’s over…

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He must love washing or hates money. At those prices that’s a hobby. How someone could roll out of bed every morning with any enthusiasm and deal with everyday challenges that a business brings for $85 is beyond my capability of understanding, I can’t even get a plumber out for a look for less than $150.


I saw a few guys talking about him in some groups and I think they mentioned it was a marketing ploy and was only per side? Not sure

:joy::joy::joy::joy: :clap: :clap::clap::clap: who needs television, this is great!

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I must say I do get sucked in to those groups sometimes :joy:

The way I look at it, these low ball priced guys are like bottom feeder vacuums. They suck up all the cheap people I don’t want anyway, leaving the good paying clients for me.

And, anyone who advertises for our industry is advertising for me if I am on top of my google game.


I agree. For me it just depends on where I’m at. I do have a minimum but it just changes on how close I am to home/ where I am working. If I’m in the trailer park I know I can’t charge the same as I do when im working in fancy neighborhoods. And also how long it takes me. Honestly if im doing a single wide trailer I know im not going to make tons of money there but just think of it as a way to get repeat business/review and exposure. It’s kinda hard to charge more than $100 if It takes me ten min from the shop to get there and set up and take down plus the wash is a 30 min ordeal. But of course when I’m in a gated community it’s a lot more than $100. Lol.

Hah yea. I think people like that are just use to making 10-15 an hour somewhere. So if they can
Make $85 in two hours they think they are killing it. But they don’t realize not only do you have to take out gas, chemicals, marketing, and regular business expense. Then what happens when your slow? Did you charge high enough that if your phone doesn’t ring for a week can you survive. Also about the winter time. I know some people literally can’t wash at all because of the snow. But here in Florida you can still wash but it’s nothing like summer time.

So wait, you’re saying you charge more based on who/where you’re working? Sounds a little tough to defend, I certainly wouldn’t be proud of it. Hourly rate x time req. + travel and any extra risk factor…= price


We charge some folks a bit more, because we know they want the extra detail, the better scheduling priority, the higher level of service and are happy to pay more for it. VIP clients.

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Yes I do. When I’m working in an area that the house hold income is low I charge less because they can’t afford what high income areas can. I don’t know where you work so it may be a lot different for your business and that’s totally fine. I know what I need to make to have profit. So for example when I work in trailer park I know my minimum is different then when I work in an area where the household income is 3-4x the amount of a trailer park. I just make sure that at the end of the day I get a good profit. And that may very depending on exactly where I am working.

Like I said idk where you operate at. So as long as your making a profit sweet !

Yepp. Same here!

Also you just said the same thing I was saying