Working overnights


How many of y’all work through the night for restaurants doing pressure washing inside or out, after working all day just curious because around here I almost never see pressure washing crews after dark.


I like working at nites, especially in the warmer months, but most of my jobs I’m done by 1 or 2 at the latest. Does make for a long day sometimes.


I’m out every night because it’s our only window. I happen to prefer it though. I’ve been a night owl all my life. I’m usally in bed after I make all my morning calls



tonight’s job…wash,degrease,dry kitchen floor and I’m sealing a floor drain…catch is can’t start till after 12:00am


That’s a lot of trucks…do you do them all every night? Or weekly,monthly?


Sounds like fun.

Can you describe your set up? In assuming your running hot water.

How did you score that job?


A lot of advantages to working at night -

No one to get in your way, no one to drive over your hoses-

No traffic - you can get where you need a lot faster-

Hopefully you are getting increased rates because of it.

I like a couple nights a week, but not every night.


We only service weekly and bi-weekly accounts and we work 6 days a week. That particular account has 72-74 26’ straight trucks so there is more that a few that wouldn’t fit in the pic. It is washed in one night by two men. One soaping and one rinsing.


You speak the truth


Is this a screen grab from the security camera footage? :slight_smile:


Actually I don’t run a hot water setup…I rarely use hot when I do I just rent one. I use a 3400 psi 2.5 gpm turned down a bit. My 4000 4gpm gets a rest tonight lol,it seems the 2.5 puts the perfect amount of water down for me.
And bought one of those super cheap NT stainless 16" just for greasy kitchens…It actually works great to get in tight spaces of kitchens. And I use hotsy breakthrou degreaser. Like most I let the chemicals do the work for me…I got the job at one of the chains doing the sidewalks and did a quality job and they offered me all 7 of the stores in Charleston and 6 in Columbia…I do the sidewalks monthly and the kitchens pretty much when they ask.


Sweet gig!


No traffic is awesome especially with a trailer half full with 150 gallons of water doing the slosh dance lol…I gotta make some baffles


Pressure washing concrete, decks, and vehicles, with 4 gpm, off a well, overnight is my hell… that’s what I’d do for eternity if St. Peter didn’t see fit to let me through the pearly gates.

Just washing nights in general would be my purgatory to think about what I’ve done.


The only part that I truly hate is I work overnight so few and far between, that sometimes I do what I did yesterday and work all day and then work until 3:30 a.m. and then have to get up to clean a four level deck… what can I say I like that green stuff


Right now we’re only doing it about once every couple of months. We’re about to aggressively start pushing commercial. I would like to get it to one 6-8 hour night per week. That’ll help during the down times. I just have to remember to schedule lite the next day, like only afternoon


Very nice.

I’ve seen some pretty bad set in grease in restaurants before, so i know it can be a pain in the ■■■. Is it strictly the floors, or do you clean dumpster areas and/or hood cleaning? What do you charge for these kind of jobs?


No hoods just sidewalks floors dumpster pad sometimes grease traps… I normally try and include more than one service bring price up a little…with a little rounding I charge about $100 an hour…sometimes more sometimes less…


Ive always heard for dumpster pads you need hot water. Do you get away without using hot water with those?


Hot water is definitely a must to do it correctly. I have had good luck with using hot stain remover from power wash store