Working overnights


You did that with cold water? Looks good. Im sure these companies know it would be near impossible to get it looking 100% brand new again (especially restaurants that have heavy grease spills)


Here’s a before and after of a dumpster I did 2 weeks ago cold water degreaser and surfactant ran through a good old Xjet… dumpster pads are one of the few times I don’t mind using my ex jet you only have to move the bucket about twice maybe three times then I let it dwell and hit it with the SC if it’s real bad I hit it with the xjet and then the SC one more time before I rince


heres another one…same process


Thats pretty clean. I’m glad you have developed a sucessful formula and technique.


Yeah thats a significant difference. Thank you for the info and pics. I might have to reach out to you for some pointers if I ever pick up any commercial accounts!

Keep up the good work!


Sounds good anytime… I’ve found there’s a lot of people on here with a ton of great knowledge to share…thats the whole reason I became a member!! I’ve kind of learned from reading on here find a system that works great for you use it, when somebody else has a suggestion or a better way to do it try it if it works better for you great if it doesn’t try the next one that comes up!


Mind if I ask what you used? Those are some good results, especially with cold water. Great job


One and a half gallons of Hotsy breakthrough with 3 gallons of water and a squirt of Gain original dish soap.


I want a hot water rig something fierce I just can’t make up my mind on what I want. I think my next trailer build is going to have a hot-water machine… I might even go to the generator route with a hot link… if I went that route I could wire up some bad wall pack lights to really shed some light on things when I do night work


You mean to say that you run a successful powerwashing business with a home depot special.

I use mine all the time when I need or don’t need high water flow and mobility is an advantage.

Weird thing is, as much as people say they are absolute crap, i have never changed the oil (either) and it still just keeps going.

Now, I wouldn’t go back to only having that unit from my 8 gpm hot water machine, but it does have a place in this world.


I did exactly that one night and as soon as I got home I ordered an 8 gpm hot water beast.


Finally an area I specialize in - restaurants. You can do them with cold water no problem, just run a hotter hydroxide mix it does all the work.With hot, even easier. I have quite a few accounts and as much as people claim they are crap jobs, I got mine down to less than 2 hours and $300-$350 a pop so decent money.
For me, I find that fast-casual (not fast food, next step up) and full-service are the accounts to have. Fast-food is just miserable. Budgets are low, you have a drive-thru to deal with (sometimes they have a 2 car lane drive-thru and want to pay the same as a single car drive through) and after doing them for some time, I do not think they really care about it. They only do it so it is “not terrible”, not because they take genuine pride in how the represent their business to the public.


How do you guys handle him with cold water?


Sorry, handle “gum”


Lol yes I do I have a 3400psi 2.5gpm and a 4000psi 4gpm and I do run a successfully business and like you I love the Fast Casual accounts! They have the budgets and are willing to actually use it to get things done…I’m with you man, when I get my hot water unit I’ll probably never look back :grin:


I just change the tip…I’ve never met gum pressure won’t take off


As well as layers of concrete


Lol that’s true also…I guess I forgot to say Use Common Sense…i also have scrapers on the trailer.


A fast food manager once told me he used a hand held propane torch (blue bottle) and heat the gum up and it pops off. Same guy called me to do his restaurant and had probably 500+ pieces of gum between his drive-thru and side walks. Gave him my price, i think he decided to use the torch.


Lowe’s and HD have a long version that you could use standing up.