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What do you guys like for comfortable, waterproof work shoes/boots? Also, any of you tried shoes designed for gripping shingles? (I know an estimator for a restoration company that bought a pair - he says they really grip and allow him to walk much steeper pitches).

I would go with cougar paws for roof walking and muck boots for winter washing.

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This time of year you better have golf shoes on…LOL. I’m kidding. If anyone else uses the much boots can you tell me how they handle doing commercial work? I am sure softwashing they will be ok. I was just wondering because we usually request steel toes being worn by employees.

I’ve finally worn out a pair of muck boots after 2 and 1/2 seasons. They’re just rubber boots with a neoprene upper. Fairly comfy for a rubber boot and pretty darn tuff. We do about 90% residential, so our needs are a little different.

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We’ve also been using the cougar paws on roofs for the past 2 seasons. They work VERY well!

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Ordering a pair of these as we speak. Rugged Shark® Great White Deck Boots for Men - White | Bass Pro Shops
They come in white and navy. Some of the commercial fishing guys like them. Hoping for a little more comfort than I get from the mucks and I think they might be a little cooler than a big black boot in the summer. We’ll see…

I have literally put Muck Boots through the worst kind of hell imaginable. I used to raise and train coon and competition squirrel dogs. I would wear most boots completely out in 6 months or less! I had one pair of Mucks last me two years and the boot portion was still going strong and waterproof but the neoprene looked like ass! Con was they were some of the heaviest and not extremely comfortable but they sure held up to some hardcore abuse! 250+ days and nights a year averaging 5-15 miles of walking. Honestly though, I think you could use a less rigid boot for our needs in pressure washing

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Good input, thanks.

I grew up working in hog barns wearing heavy chore boots all day on concrete floors. After several years this combination took a serious toll on my knees (which weren’t that great to start with) and began bugging my lower back as well. I don’t own muck boots but have worn them a time or two. They are definitely the comfy choice for a boot of that style. I’m not a big fan of heavy footwear, and the idea of most of the work week in heavy, hot rubber boots isn’t that appealing if there are other options. I was thinking more along the line of a lightweight, super comfy, durable, waterproof work shoe. Anyone have good recommendation/experience along these lines?

I got some ll bean moccasins perfect were just walking in just I few inches of water there a little pricey but worth it

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I have been wearing the Nike ACG boots… They are WP and super comfortable…
Nike ACG Air Max Goadome - Men’s - Casual - Shoes - Black/Black

I do water shoes all summer. Feet get wet, but dry real fast. They hold up to SH also.
Cougar paws for roofs. They grip about 2 to 3 times better.

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ARCPW the nikes are nice I’m an air max junkie I never knew about them thanks

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Cdubbs yea no boots in the summer they whould fill with sweat that’s a good idea with the water shoes

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I wear Merrell or Keen boots typically, unless I’m doing flat work. If I’m doing flat work I wear some boots like Mucks but there called Boggs. They are a little more comfortable then the Muck boots in my opinion.

I wear Shoes for Crews Guardian rubber boots. Not exactly lightweight like you were asking about, but they are the most comfortable rubber boots I have found. And I have worn a whole lot of rubber boots.

going into my third season I have yet to find a boot I like that will keep my feet dry, timberline work boots great but the waterproofing does not last, Alex does the waterproofing last on the NIkes, those look great

Bogs has a whole line of steel toe, chem resistant, anti slip rubber/neoprene work boots. Look pretty cool, havent bit the bullet and bought any yet. Im still in some $15 rubbers. Im worried about neoprene boots because my feet sweat like crazy, any experiences with that?

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Yeah my feet sweat bad too that’s why I only wear boots during the winter and usually tennis shoes during the summer but I might try the water shoes for the summer this year

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I bought some clog type shoes from Wal-Mart for $20. Treadsafe brand. I wear to and from job and often work in them because I don’t want to put on my boots. They are super light and comfy but not waterproof. Keep you dry if not walking in puddles though. The kicker is that they look great with my Dickies work pants so I can still look professional if I have to do a bid on the way back from a job.

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