Wood Cleaning?

I have just started reading about wood cleaning. My current setup is a 12v Softwash 5.5gpm (with a proportioner) as well as a 4.0 gpm 4200 psi pressure washer. I also have a J-Rod.

Could I apply a 1%-2% SH mixture with the 12v and let dwell and then rinse with the pressure washer? I mean sure I could rinse with a pressure washer but I guess my question is more along these lines, what tip would you use to attempt to achieve 1,200 psi? Would the J-Rod get it that low? White tip?

Thanks in advance for the advice. I’m still learning.

I’m fairly novice to fences and wood, but so far on really bad fences I’ve had to use 4% sh, dwell and medium pressure rinse around 1500psi then neutralize with oxalic if needed. I tried percarbonate but didn’t do much.

Here’s a really good calculator a lot of us use to find nozzle size.

Where did you buy the percarbonate and oxalic?

On the link you sent, when I fill in the blanks (specifically on the orifice size) is that referring to the degree of the spray with the nozzle that you choose? For example, if I choose a 40 degree nozzle would I place “40” in the orifice space?

I can’t remember the size opening on my J-Rod.

Right, so a 1500psi 40 degree nozzle for a 4/4 machine would be a 40065. Numbers are stamped on the top.

I just got small tubs of ox and percarb on Amazon, wasn’t sure I really wanted to use either.

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Did you prefer the Ox or Percarb? Or did you notice a difference between either?

I’ll defer to the veteran cleaners on here, I rarely do bare wood enough to say.

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When you say “4/4 machine”, what exactly is the 4/4? Sorry, I’m still trying to pick up on some of the lingo.

4(gpm)/4(000) psi, standard issue direct drive pressure washer. Sometimes you’ll see us use 5.5/3000 or 8/3500.

When you decide to upgrade, GPM is much more important than PSI. The highest pressure I use is ~2800 and that’s just to pop lichens on concrete or using the turbo nozzle on brick. 2500 is plenty for concrete driveways.

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Should answer all your questions. Just remember every wood project is different, different wood, condition, type of dirt, age of wood, etc., there’s no set application for every job. Get you a longer wand 4-5’ if doing fences and just get the correct nozzle for between 1200-1500 psi.