Wiring Help Needed

Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing well.
Just checking in to see if anyone can help me with a couple of wiring questions I have:

  1. I’m running a wire from a battery to the starter on my GX690. I have to run it about 8’. I’m planning on using 4 gauge wire. Is that large enough for that long of a run?

  2. I’m also setting up an electric hose reel for the first time. I’m planning on using 4 gauge for that as well. My plan is to run my set up this way: battery to bus bar, then run wires from bus bar to reel, starter, fuse block, then to run wires from the fuse block to my 12v roof pump and chem remote. Does that sound like the right way to do it?

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

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Yes I run 6 gauge.

Cool. Thank you!

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I probably don’t understand what I am reading, but the gx690 workshop manual(starter motor inspection) states that starter motor is drawing 150A cranking current, if you are starting under load, 50A max cranking current if starting with no load.

Does that sound right?

What is your question?

Is it really drawing 150A, and wouldn’t that exceed the rating for 4ga wire?

There’s no way it’s drawing 150A

I would not be surprised if it does, but obviously I don’t know, I am just reading the doc.
It could also be that starting with the gun open, means that it is not truly under load, and then it wouldn’t need 150A to start.

Edit: @Atlas1

link that doc. I think 150amp might blow the 30 amp fuse :slight_smile: @Atlas1 I think you will be fine

Yeah I see things stating it pulls 26amps when starting.

Not sure if the link will work, it is page 91 in the PDF - first result from Google for me: “gx690 workshop manual”


I dunno then

I am sure if it works for @TexasPressureWashing with 6ga, then it is fine.
I am sure there is something I am simply not understanding about what the doc is saying.

I did find this (see the screenshot in the next post) after @charc0al posted the info about the amps. Looks like I’m going to have to go a bit larger on my cables. Thanks for all the help guys…ya’ll came through, as always!

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It’s says right there 4 gauge is the wire to use?

Thank you for sharing, I went straight to the starter specs and missed it.
It would seem the 30A fuse is on the charging circuit and not the starting circuit.

I think @Atlas1 was referring to the max length for the positive being 5ft, and he wants to run ~8ft

Edit: unless I misunderstood your question

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Can’t you use a busbar with built in fuses instead of running it from the busbar to a fuse block?

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