Wintertime Projects?

Anybody else excited for a little bit of down-time this winter? Oct 31st is my last scheduled job, then I’m winterizing the rig and moving it out of the shop. Gotta make room for my winter project, can’t wait to get started on it!

I’m going to take this huge slab of maple that I picked up today and turn it into a Les Paul style guitar. I don’t even really like playing guitar, but I do like making pretty stuff. Who else has projects in mind for winter?


You guys are lucky. Here in Australia we work all year round with no winter downtime. I’ve got plenty of projects I want to do… but just don’t get the time.

Anyway… enjoy your break and look forward to seeing some pics of your guitar once it’s finished.


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Wow @Jake_Lambert

That’s ahh, awesome…lol


Hahaha that’s awesome Garry

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Keep us updated on that guitar. That’s going to be a bute!

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Your replica is a bit off there garry


It’s about time you post a picture of yourself in your glory days.


@garry.cooper did you make that or is one of the store bought canjo’s?

There’s a guy in my town who started making his own bass guitars out of canoe paddles. He’s always been in a local band and would play all sorts of homemade instruments. He had one made out of a washtub and and cane paddle at one time. The bass guitars are pretty neat. That’s him in the picture that shows up first.

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Lol, heck no

Here is a perfect example of my carpentry skills

images (2)

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Not quite winter yet, but I’m using some of this slow time to build a heated shed/barn/shop space. 10x14 tall gambrel style shed with advanced framing, reclaimed XPS insulation, and radiant heat.

(Sorry if images are out of sequence)


I’ll bite, and I was a general contractor :), what’s advanced framing?

That wouldn’t pass building code around here, but I learned something new. I like learning stuff.

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If doesn’t pass building code in NC in Jersey you would get life in prison. 75 permits, higher taxes and first born here to build a 2 story “shed”.

Now THAT is a project!!

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Ha, permitting process was pretty painless, here. Dropped off our application along with a check for $55 at the town office building drop box on a thursday evening, and had our approval letter in my email the following afternoon. I love Vermont.

We did have quite a bit of back and forth at the outset, due to a utilities easement in our yard. They finally agreed to a temporary foundation (lumber skids on crushed stone), with the understanding that I will arrange for timely removal of the shed in the unlikely event that they need to dig up our yard to get to the water lines.


Yep, call before you dig. 811

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@Sasquatch likes to enjoy the fall colors


@Sasquatch Likes to play the saxophone for the local bear population.