Who has the biggest operation?

Just curious, who’s the biggest in pressure washing is it Pressure Washing Systems Marketing out of Chicago?

Not sure I understand your question. Some of these companies are huge that have many aspects to them which include Powerwashing. One of them for example I’m dealing with right now and their a Billion dollar company.

Most large Powerwashing companies do much more then just powerwash.

Thanks, I’m asking abut the ones that just powerwash?

Good question. I have no idea. Is there any big powerwashing companies that don’t do anything else such as sealing, restoring,window washing etc. I don’t know of any. Maybe in the Fleets or hoods.

I’m more interested in learning about the most profitable companies

Wow! Good point.

We do very little PWing but as far as size, I have 3 full time roof cleaning trucks on the road and 4th that is sales / overflow for busier times. Last year we completed 1200 jobs with roughly 90% of them including a roof cleaning. 70% residential 30% commercial as far as the jobs but our GR is closer to 50/50.

Ryan thanks, you seem to be crushing it! Nice to hear when people are doing well i’m a new guy looking at buying my first starter trailer to start my own pressure washing business up here in Canada? Any words of advice you have that you wish someone told you when you started?

You need to be teaching a class in Nashville. Thousands of dirty roofs around me. I’m nowhere near your output.you have done something that has been very productive.

I’ve heard of guys in the tens of millions range but of course they don’t just power wash to make that kind of money.

My advice would be not to buy the cheapest set up just to get started, I did that 10 years ago and while it worked ( briefly) the cheap PW and roof cleaning setup ended up costing more in repairs then it would have been to buy quality equipment to start with. And no matter how big or busy your operation gets, never forget those first few customers you started with!!! Treat every customer the same!!

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Thanks really appriciate the advice!!! What would you suggest as a good starter trailer in the 10 grand price point?

I have ALWAYS offered what I call “labor for learning” Being that we are in FLA and clean roofs all year long, I always invite newbies or folks looking to get into roof cleaning down in the winter for a week. You work for free and you learn for free!! Iv never been big on the forums because I dont really have time during the day and the evenings are for my wife or hobbies, however, I will always reply to email if folks in the biz have questions. Im looking forward to meeting new faces in Nashville

I wish I had 10K when I started!!! We build everything in house, I have never bought a prebuilt skid. Not that they are bad but I allow my lead techs to design the trucks they work in everyday. If your looking for a PW setup Im prob not the guy who can help because we only have 5.5 gal 3500 machines on our rigs…nothing fancy. If your looking for a roof cleaning setup shoot me an email and Id be happy to help. Because this conversation could go on forever!! ryan@beaconroofcleaning.com

Start a new thread here @ PWRA about roof cleaning setups. Many of us would love to read about it and offer some input as well.

As soon as I get some time I will, Great idea John!!

Just to reiterate the subject. Who has the biggest PW company, to who has the most profitable PW company? I know of ver large companies that make much less profit then their smaller counterparts.

[video=youtube_share;ZXorEEy92d4]North Yard - YouTube

This is sweet. Don’t know if he is the biggest. Get your tissues boys.

Yes!! I don’t remember his name but iv seen the videos on other sites. If I remember correctly the PW public bus stops all over the place along with other remote sites with little of no water, hence the 500 gallon tanks.

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Scott Stone is the owner. I would say he is the biggest PW in the country but I’m not positive. Www.amindfordetail.com

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