White streaks on driveway

This was a job I did on a friends house today. I’m just getting started and only working on friends within my network at the moment until I feel capable of working on strangers homes.

I’m just curious what these streaks are and will they disappear once it fully dries? I started late in the day 6pm and by 730 when I was rolling everything up it wasn’t dry yet.

It’s a 15 year old driveway. I pretreated DS 50/50 SH used my surface cleaner and then post treated with HW (Great video by @Racer really helped) From what I’ve read some might say that’s overkill but I really wanted to try everything to get more experience. I really just want to focus on creating good habits regardless of the job size or how long it takes at first.

Pre and post treating is a necessity on some jobs, no one thinks it’s overkill. 50/50 downstreamed is better than nothing, but it’s a weak mix for concrete treating. 3% minimum for me and not downstreamed, applied with a 12v pump, or pump up sprayer if you’ve had your spinach.


Not sure about the streak marks…

But looks like the cream coats gone! In the second pic you can see the exposed aggregate… :flushed:

What surface cleaner and machine do you have? Do you have the proper nozzles in it?

Probably an automobile tire dressing/shine or rim cleaner. Tire shine products seal the concrete and some rim cleaners contain acids which can etch the surface.

This has been discussed before:

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Pre-treat with the HW mix and post treat, depending on how bad it was and if much embedded algae, anywhere from 2-4% direct as @MuscleMyHustle said.

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They are definitely some kind of tire shine. I have heard this stuff gets it out,

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Tire dressing, you will see it when it’s wet.

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From what I could tell the aggregate was already exposed before I started cleaning it. I never noticed anything resembling cream while cleaning…just dirt and grime. I’ve yet to do any newer surfaces yet.

I have 4gpm/4400 psi and a powerhorse 16in SC right now. I swapped out the factory tips which were 0’s with 25025 tips. I’m already looking at getting a bigger SC…I’m doing this with a friend he purchased the SC not realizing the SC is only rated to 3500psi

Thank you…noted. I probably misunderstood the thread I was reading on pre and post treating.

I really appreciate the response

Yep, Good info for beginners. Thanks!