White spots on drive way

I need help yesterday after washing a home I was called by the client freaking out bc of all the white spots on the driveway

please… how did this happen an what can I do to fix this. Thank you

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Based on my experience that could be from the products the clients used to clean their rims.

Did something react with the cleaner used for the rims? Why wouldn’t it be visible during cleaning?

Never ever seen that before in my life. I’m super interested to know what the heck that is.

Wait. You washed a house and that’s how the driveway ended up??

Iv seen this before where tire shine or tire cleaner was applied. They guy told me he tried cleaning it before but nothing worked. I cleaned the Lil concrete pad for him for free after I washed his house. I just ran SC over it and after u really couldn’t see the spots.


Degreaser should tackle that. Right?

It is the acid in the rim cleaners that cause it.

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If he did the driveway and the drive was dirty you dont really see it until you clean it.
Thats why when i do driveways i look for evidence and let th.g.h e clients know what to expect ahead of time.

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That’s wierd. Are you sure you did that? Ive had some one try to blame me for scratching their windows does before when I know for a fact I didnr do it. She solidified my assumption after she called the “office” to try and get the job for free. Little did she know that the office is my wife. Some people just want to come you out of your money. I’d suggest you try and clean the drive way with your house mix. If that doesn’t fix it then you probably didn’t cause the damage/ problem. Don’t admit to it being your fault just in case she wants to take it to court. It almost looks like paint and ive never seen anything like that after a house wash. Proceed with caution.

@squidskc IDK I didn’t use any cleaner the pad I did wasn’t this bad. Plus the home owner knew what it was from. by the looks of the driveway I’d try just hw mix and SC.

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Yep, my son has them all over my drive. He uses Tire Majic, squirts it on a sponge and wipes the tire with it. I have tried straight SH, Purple Power, Oxy Clean, Bar Keepers Friend, let straight dish soap set, acid, and the zero tip. Nothing! If you find something that removes it let me know.

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Hot water? Coca cola? Weird weird thing about coca-cola… it’s good at cleaning concrete. Pepsi is for drinking. Coca cola is for cleaning.

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MOst likely tire shine. Had a customer ask if there was any way to get it out. Any drives I’ve done with cars that the customer takes care of, that’s usually what I see.

Yeah it tire cleaner, few spots in my driveway that show up when its wet.

Seems that person was a little excessive when applying.

We see tire shine marks all the time. Whoever did that is the sloppiest I’ve ever seen. Usually will just be the outlines of the 4 tires they did. Have never found anything that would get up. Have always wondered if maybe we should just buy it in bulk and apply to driveways because it definitely whitens them, LOL.

Have never tried it, but wonder if washing entire drive with muractic would blend it in.


Looks similar to what this guy had. Residential driveway marks

@gbattle seems to know alot about concrete his comment on that tread is spot on.

Some guys in NY were using armor all shine about 10+ years ago to seal coat driveways, bad idea due to slip & fall, but they busted them on " using a product not designed for application" cost them a couple hundred “K”

What came of this im curious? What happened with the customer?

Yes I agree with Donut. Definitely tire cleaner and only shows when wet.