White siding turning orange

Sprayed with normal house wash mix and turning orange. Never seen this before

Maybe this:

I’ve had white vinyl turn a slight hazy orange because of oxidation, but never that dark. That almost looks like tar stains from cigarettes.

I bet oxalic will take care of it.

I read a post about this a while back and @Innocentbystander said to let the sun shine on it for a few hours and it should be fine. He said something about the UV protectant being absent or messed up and it would turn that orange color. I cant remember 100% of the post but it was something along those lines. Maybe you’ll get lucky and he will respond.


Occasionally you will see that reaction with heavily oxidized vinyl exterior window trims. Once the sun and air dry it out, the orange will disappear. Looking at the pic it looks like a solid full bodied vinyl siding like the typical window trim. Let it fully dry, and go back tomorrow. It will probably be white again. Do not try to rub it off.


I have this happen several times on older vinyl,after several hours it went away - the first time it happened I was on suicide watch,I thought I was going to have to replace the vinyl - I left the homeowner a note telling him to contact me about the damage - he called back letting me know the house looked great and wondering what the hell damage I was talking about :see_no_evil:


I will never forget years ago the first time I washed a 1st generation grey Trex decking. It turned a red tint color with blotch marks. Thank God the client wasnt home because I was pacing in the woods behind her house contemplating the meaning of life. Just as I was about to set my equipment on fire I noticed an area that was drying and the grey color came right back and looked great. At that moment I resorted back to a 6 year old on Christmas morning…These are the moments we should always cherish. Lol.


I went back and it was 75% gone the next day. A few bad areas I hit with oxalic acid and it turned out beautiful. Thanks for your help.

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This is a very helpful, informative thread.:+1:

I had a friends house that did that…old farm house white vinyl.

Came back a week later to check it out and it fixed itself and looked great

I washed my moms house and it did that. Old farm house as well.