Cleaning help

Need some help! I went to look at a house to wash today! The woman informed me that she attempted to get rid of stink bugs by spray Sevin (which I think is for bugs that are on plants). She then tells me that on top of that she sprayed Gum cutter which is a carburetor cleaner! Now the white siding and white brick have a nice yellowish stain. Does anyone know what cleaner will work on this to remove it?

Both are oil/petroleum based. Try degreaser on a test spot, but be ready to let her know it needs to be replaced. If it’s yellowed the vinyl, may be very little you can do.

Don’t be afraid to walk away.

Thanks For the advise and help! I will try and also let her know

Sometimes yellowed vinyl is due to a reaction in the UV layer (or absent UV protection) in the plastic. I’ve heard that certain acids are effective in reversing this type of yellowing. But I wouldn’t make any promises.

Try EacoChem’s OneRestore. WCR sells it: