Which Hannay Reel?


I’m ready to order a Hannay Reel for a new trailer build (starting shortly) and have been reviewing the Hannay site. It looks like I need either the E1530-17-18 or the SNC-18E reel but I’m not sure which one.

My specs are:

  • 1/2" hose x 50’ + 3/8" x 200’-250’ hose (2-wire?)
  • 1/2" manifold through the reel
  • SS in the fluid path
  • electric rewind (12V)
  • 4000 psi rating

This will be for downstreaming and maybe a 2nd reel for roof wash

For those using Hannay reels, am I looking at the correct products? Which reel do I need?

Direct links to the reels:



This is what I use. It’s not electric but they suck anyway


They can’t suck, it says right on the tag “you can’t buy a better reel.” What more proof do you need?


I really like mine. There’s really not a lot to go wrong with them. We keep a solenoid and switch on hand just in case but so far we haven’t needed them. This is how we have them set up


Electric sucks. Hannay is the best reel made


My shoulder disagrees with you.


You change your trailer up? Looks different than what I remember.


I’m on like my third change. A friend of mine is part owner of a ornamental steel fabrication company and we built a rack and reel stands last Friday might. I moved things around to make room to switch out the hydrotek for the magnum. I really like the hydrotek. It’s a gray machine but is hard going from 8gpm on the water dragon down to 5,5. This way my hot and cold will be 8gpm. All nozzles can now be the same. University medical center has the same machine and it’s built like a tank. We’ll see how it does. The good thing is they’re local and should I have an issue they’re here to take care of it. They’re putting my hydrotek in their rental program