Where to buy SH for roof mix?

So I’m about to start building my roof cleaning kit with my new Fatboy pump but I’m wondering where to buy my SH since I’ll be using a lot more. The local pool supply store charges $39 for 3 Gall of 10% SH, but I can get 8% SH Kroger brand for $2.89 a gallon.

Should I just go raid the local store and raid their bleach supply every time I gotta do a roof?

Here are some before & after pics of me using the no name bleach on a house wash Roughly 60/40 mix of 8% SH on the pump sprayer with 4 oz of elemonator

Find a different pool place. in a pinch I get 5 gal 12.5 from my pool place for 14.99. 3 dollars a gallon is retail. Googel up a chem supply for your area.

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Yeah, like greg said, try to find another pool supply.

Other than that, search for Brenntag or Univar and see if either has a plant near you. I get mine delivered from Brenntag… think the fuel surcharge is only like $25.

You can do roofs by buying bleach by the gallon, but man does it suck to have to load up 30 or 40 bottles and then dump them 1 by 1 into your tank.


Where do you live?

Live in Seattle so there probably is a chemical place somewhere close by. I will try to google someplace close by.

There are probably 20 places up there you can buy bleach by the drum. Go searching.


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I pick up bulk sh that is said to be 13% from my pool service company. They are less than 10 mins from my house. 3.00/gal though. There has to be a cheaper source. They have a huge tank in a warehouse that is kept dark and 72 degrees.

You’re paying $13 a gallon or did I read that wrong?

Read wrong. $3.00/gal.

Are you buying from a pool cleaning company or from their supplier?
I purchase from a pool and plumbing supplier, Gorman, another company here (Florida) is Horner or HornerXpress

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The company that does my pool. Beats 18.00 for a 4 gallon case from Leslie pools

@Innocentbystander IDK if ur back on here but have you ever bought SH from Water Guard in Wilson, NC? How are they to deal with?

Never used them but MVP landa has an office in Rocky Mount

OK thanks I’ll be going through rocky mount in two weeks I may try them. I was trying to find me a supplier for 55gal drum…but nobody around here seems to have 12.5%. Only found one pool supply store that carried and it was $7.50 a gal told him he could keep it.

Look up the number and ask for nick. Tell him you know wm page and he will probably deluver for you

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OK thank you IBS

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Yes, for 12% from Aquaquip which is a local chain. It comes in a 3 pack, but it’s crazy expensive.

$3/gallon is a steal. I pay $3.92 per gallon for 55 gallon barrel and it goes down to $3.29 per gallon for 275 gallon totes.

It took easily 40 phone calls to find a supplier to get them in that quantity and delivery.

That’s 12.5%

I bought about 20 1 gallon jugs for 4.50/gallon and said f that. That’s when I thought of my pool guy. First I tried to see if he could just hook me up with some. Lol. He said no so I called the owner of the company and struck a deal with him.