What's your height distance and what you using to get it?

I’m using a 25hp 9.3gpm pump, using the gun and a 2ft wand, i think I’m getting the gutters of a 3 story, hotel, if it matters.
I’ve used jrod, and the m5ds 7-12gpm, and get about the same distance. I’ve been wanting the innovative shooter tip, and wasn’t too avoid getting crappy tip.

8gpm, can reach peaks on three story houses with one of those 2" brass shooter tips. I tried the longer aluminum one but wasn’t as good.

Its funny, the soft brass gets little nicks at the opening that make it fan out some so every couple months I’ll sand it down a little on my work bench.

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Not sure why you asking us? Put whatever tip you want, shoot it down your street and measure.

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Bojangles and red meat


I dont want to be buying every tip there is, theres quite a few.
seems they all shoot the same. distance, but the jrod is just a little tighter stream

@Racer btw I just started using that ground force too. Thank you.

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well, i either have an unloader problem(greenspring) or valve. I’m gettin the same height with my 5.5 420cc setup.

What nozzles are on your j rod? I have 4 set up with assorted nozzles. I was able to hit 3 stories with 4gpm on a j rod, some situations would require a lance or 2. With 6.8gpm I have done plenty of experimenting & my favorite all around setup is 0040 / 2540 / 0015 / 2515. My 0040 is the Assassin Shooter nozzle. It hits a little higher with less mist than the 0040 j rod nozzle & definitely puts more on the house up high. Meg nozzles are like 6 bucks. I’d try 0040, 0050 & 0060 in your situation. They will all pull soap.

I’ll have to look at them to be sure, but my 5.5 im definitely hitting the gutters of a 3story motel6, maybr more but due to wind, hard to say. I was hitting that with the 9.3 but I figured it should be higher, AND, i was using the m5 for 8gpm and up. but then for some reason I lost some gpm, and with that the distance suffered. so thats why I think Im having either a valve or unloader issue. I cant look until tomorrow.

Pressure gets you distance, not volume. . Water is heavy, more GPM, more pressure you need for distance. 8@3000 is the sweet spot.

sorry, i lost both gpm and pressure. but it was a real tight 10ft stream, and that’s all i could get. i just didn’t have the time to tinker with it.
shut it off and fired up the 5.5.

Not really following you, and why are you apologizing? You said you had the height and distance as you 5.5. That’s what you’re going to get with 3000@9.3. can’t change physics. But you’ll be washing faster with more volume.

I got a 4gpm and a couple different shooter tips that can reach 3 stories pretty alright, without wind. I’ve done a 4 floor hotel (no peaks or gutters) without a lift/just using ladders and while I got it done, I absolutely wouldn’t do it again. You limit your quality and just get by at that point.
3 stories is really all you can do without a lift regardless of what machine you’re using when you consider foot traffic, parked cars, etc. imo.

I don’t recommend the “ladder saver” shooter tip on Amazon. The hole isn’t the same diameter all the way through. It’s pinched at the end. You want a tip with a single gauge opening straight though the tip for maximum distance, if I’m not mistaken.

Can’t go wrong with a Guy Blackmon shooter tip, if he’s still doing. IBS would know.


I think this is the answer to the question? If they were asking why the 5.5 worked better it seems like a gpm/psi issue.

He is. I think he only gets a batch or two a year made though

the sorry was for leaving the pressure loss out as well.
initially, I was getting distance and pressure to hit gutters of 3storys. then something happened, I notice a pressure change in the hose and gun, plus very little water came our. from before, all i got was a 10ft tight stream, but that was it.
went to my backup 5.5 that’s on the 420cc, and noticed it reached about the same.
so, I figured, if Im missing
out on something, because i do have the m5 and jrod tip, id better ask.
thanks for all the help.

If you didn’t loose any engine rpm that’s an issue with your unloader that caused that.

Im not sure i understand. Did the 5.5 behave poorly as well? Or was it normal? Do they share the same unloader? Coukd you have a clogged filter or collapsed inlet hose

no, 5.5 I presune was spot on. different unloader. come to think about it, the day before,
I did find like a shaving of copper, maybe it was brass, in one of the meg nozzles of the ground force while using the 9.3. Dang. ill just have to report back in a few days.

Ive had fittings rust out ont the output side of pump between pump and unloader that got caught in the internals of unloader causing problems. I always have a couple new ones on hand to replace. Seems i go through 1 every year. I would really like to find stainless fittings to do the plumbing with to avoid that particular problem