What's happening in Texas, Texans?

Is it that these areas never get winter or is it that these areas never get this cold with winter?

I’m reading about power outages, car pile ups, people dying. Not being smart, but I did see a plow truck in one national photo, so they must get snow there.

It is possible that the media is just hyping the snot out of it, wouldn’t be the first time they tried to frighten everyone with weather stories. We hear how bad it is going to be with every single snow storm we are supposed to get. Getting freezing rain and sleet right now, supposed to change to snow, then another storm in about a day or two.

I think I have 12-14" of pack in my field right now, not including the drifts which smoe are 2-3 feet high. Thank god I’m not in Canada, they all have igloos for houses by mid winter :grinning:

Lots of power out all over. Not me thankfully.

First time ever all 254 counties in Texas have been under a winter storm warning.

The grids are overloaded and struggling.

Down here snow is a big deal. No plows, salt, and the infrastructure isn’t built to handle it. We got snow all the way to the coast in Houston.


That’s freaking crazy.

Snowmageddon. That’s what’s happening.

Didn’t know you where in Houston ? What part ? My sister in-law lives in humble , near the airport

My highschool buddy, Lives out in San Angelo and he sent me some videos of him patrolling the city,(cop) almost no visibility!! Roads covered in snow.

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I’m 20 minutes from the airport in Kingwood.

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Oh ok , She wants us to move out there with them , how’s business ? Do you run into other pw guys out working on a daily basis ?

They took us to go see homes in eagle springs in atascosita


Texas looks appealing!

In Lake Travis Area… Roads iced over, before the snow fell…

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I don’t run into guys daily but I know a bunch. There so much work here it’s crazy. I flip local guys work outside my service area already.

Where you’re looking has some nice homes. Plenty of work all over. Tons of work if you want to drive for it.

Would be more than happy to link up when you get here and talk about the areas.

My neighborhood alone has 5 companies and 2 super large ones. I haven’t had issues finding work.

When I do meet guys (mostly when buying SH) everyone is friendly and we trade business cards because I’m always wanting to network and get to know my peers. I haven’t had a single person not be friendly. When I saw several at the washing conference they were excited to bump into me again.

Wow , I was checking home prices and they have skyrocketed there. yikes :flushed:

Idk I don’t think low 300’s or high 200’s is bad for a 3000 sq ft home with a pool.

Be well, don’t let the pipes freeze.

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Wow! Seeing those pictures as a Canadian and knowing how much carnage it caused is mind boggling. We got 3 feet of snow overnight last night and life went on as normal.

Stay safe, hope it all gets sorted out soon.

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Yeah I opened my front door this morning and the snow was level with the third step. Supposed to get above freezing next week in my area though!

This is the first time the temperature has been in single digits since’96 and the only time it was colder was 1899. There are only 37 plow trucks in the DFW area of North Texas. We get 23% of our electricity from wind turbines, almost half of them are down and last I heard we were short 45,000 mega watts and each mega watts powers about 500 homes. Water treatment plants have failed, the town I live in is boiling water for now and telling people we are about to run out since the pumps are down too. My son’s that are local and their wives have been staying with us because their power is out, one of them got power back and was able to go home today, all their pipes are frozen and they have a 4 mo old.
I’m sure you get the idea.


Hang in there, @MDA1775. Praying y’all get on the other side of this soon.

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Made a provision run this morning ‘dog food, deer corn, propane, beer, protein…’ Being in the hill country, near Lake Travis… Only a 4 wheel drive drove up the hills to the main rodes. There were some front wheel drive suvs stuck on steep grades. So i called a couple neighbors if they needed anything… They all needed BEER! The rest of the day was spent chopping firewood.

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I went to the ranch last weekend to winterize everything and brought back a load of seasoned oak that I’d cut and split. My family is fine, helped some neighbors, just a bad chain of events. The bigger issue will be when things start to thaw and folks realize the longer term problems. I do appreciate your concerns but there are a lot of people that need your prayers more than we do, we’re just fortunate.