What would you price this home and deck?


What would you price the above 4000 sq ft home and large trex deck? And then if you had to price it and 37 other similar homes all next to each other(some bigger some smaller) what would you price it to win the job? 3 sides vinyl, front is brick or stucco (that doesn’t really need to be cleaned).

I already priced the project and won but im curious what others think.


What price did you put it?
Are you worried it was too low?


Charge enough to make a profit. It is not cool to ask publicly for pricing. Feel free to message someone

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368 for house and deck. On average i am doing 3 a day. It’s close to home and cost me 40 dollars to acquire.


Ok thanks.


That price sounds like you are making some money.
Just aim to improve times and you will be making even more cash. Efficiency is Everything :+1:


Thanks. Not much else I can do except upgrade my machine.

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Sounds like a fair price. Markets are wildly different across the country, though.

Tbh, there are not many professions where an individual can take home (conservatively) $8k+ for two weeks of work :sunglasses:

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Since you can skip 90% of the front and that’s second gen trex… you have about an hour of work total per house. Good price

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I would be almost double your price.

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What are you even washing on those homes? They don’t look dirty at all. Even the Trex looks nice. Is that an after picture?


I’d be at 429 on house and .50 per ft on deck.


It is after! Thanks for the compliment haha

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I wish. If you can do the deck railing, planks, and 4000+ sq ft of vinyl with an xjet then you are a better man than I am.


That’s a good point regarding not being able to do anything other than upgrade machine to increase efficiency, if you are running 1 x 4gpm and upgrade to 1x 8gpm + original 4gpm you will be able to do more than 3 per day.


$425 + $75 for the deck.

I know I prob under charge for the decks but once I have the house locked in I don’t mind doing the deck for a little extra.

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I would have been 475 to 525 on one home only but when the organizer said 37 homes I went as low as I could to get the job and make bank. 368 for house and deck at 3 to 4 a day is good enough.


Not if you have employees and overhead. But if your a one man show and work out of your house then I guess it’s good.

Did you sign all 37 houses?


Yeah all 37 on board. 14 miles to get to the community. Solid 15 days of work. Paying myself 800+ most days and get to upgrade equipment and pay for a Facebook ad campaign.


Downstream that deck