What would you do?

I finally found a supplier of sh 12%. $8 a gallon though. My supplier of 6% charges me 1.50 a gallon. Should I stick with 4 gallons of 6% and 1 gallon of water or should I go with the 12%. And how would I mix the 12%. Thanks

We made it for a long time on Chlorox bleach from Sams Club. We pay about $3.++ now for 12% but would still be using Sams Club if the only alternative was $8.00 per gallon. Crazy.

Also check dollar store as I have read that they have hot stuff cheap (bleach)

Actually that’s the opposite. Clorox at best is 6% SH and your store brands and dollar store brands are cut in half so they are 3% SH.

Ive been using 12% since I start my pressure washing biz but if I have to pay 8 buck a gallon Id just go to same. Most of the pressure washers on here pay 2-5 dollars a gallon. Have you check on a local Univar company?

Keep searching. Best bet is to find where the pool companies buy there pool shock. We get 15%SH for $10.50 for the blue 5 gallon containers. I buy them by the skid load 32 5 gallon containers. I get these at a contractor pool supply company and I get it because I have a contractors license. Search out your area. Become friendly and maybe even barter with a pool company to get an in to where they go…
Good luck.

Thanks guys, just found a local pool company can get in a 275 gallon tote for 2.98 a gallon, but It would take me a while to use that much. Would it stay good through the fall until next spring, just getting started so business isn’t booming yet.

No, don’t do it.

Get started using store bleach. By the time you really hate dealing with the hassle of all those jugs, something will come up.

Better to wash than worry.

Thanks Tim, you think I’d be safe just filling my 35 gallon chemical tank with just 6% And no water. Pw is 4gallons a minute at 4200 psi. I’d like to be able to downstream straight from my tank.

When we started out, we mixed Simple Cherry with a couple of quarts of water and then added it to four gallons of store bought in a five gallon cubie. I believed that the Simple Cherry boosted the cleaning power of bleach. The Simple Cherry is not chlorine stable though so we only mixed what we could use in a day, often mixing several batches a day.

I would encourage you to mix small batches so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your mix. 35 gallon chem tanks are no good for you at this stage.

Maybe not in Alabammer but the rest of us can get 8% at Walmart and Dollar General.

Don’t go and spoil my fun. I was planning on stopping at the dollar store today to see what the active ingredient percentage is.

Yes, that’s the outdoor bleach at a higher cost. The cheap regular bleach is cut in half in the store brands.

Thanks alot, I have the simple Cherry so that’s exactly what I will do. Really appreciate it.

How are you guys mixing the 8%

You need to know what your down stream is in order to accurately make your solution. In general you want around .5% sh going onto the house.

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How would I find out if its not written on my injector

Where is the percent of Chlorine usually labeled on the jug of bleach? I asked the guys at Home Depot Yesterday and they looked at me like I was nuts. Then I asked for Simple Cherry? I seen them eyeing up the lighting section in the back of the store where they usually hide close to closing time. But really I cannot seem to find the active ingredient or percent of Chlorine on any of the bleach containers I looked at?

Can someone help me out with a simple vinyl siding mixture for a newbie with a 4200psi 4gpm pressure washer? I tried sending a PM but I need 10 post so please excuse for asking a question in someone elses post.

Thanks Again!!

I am using an X-Jet M5 I was told not to worry about the proportional colored inserts but 5 gallons doesn’t last very long. I dont want to go post crazy but I wonder if there is a maximum length to the feed tube for the X-Jet.

I guess I will have to start another post for that at least I will that much closer to 10 posts so I can send a PM

My 1st job with my X-Jet M5 and Home Brew Vinyl Siding Cleaner went pretty good. The only issue I didn’t like was in some spot there was a white residue? It wiped off and I ended up rinsing again I think it was from using Dawn Dish Soap to make the mixture more soapy.

I know from house cleaning Dawn can leave a residue but the algae and black mold all disappeared. I finally found Chlorine that was labeled at Lowes. I thought if it was a hazardous substance it had to be labeled? The best I could do in short notice was 8%.

If anyone would care to comment on my recipe I would love the feedback. I know next time I am going to use something that wont leave the residue.

4200psi 4gpm I know everyone is laughing but you have to start somewhere
X-Jet M5
5 Gallon Container
1 gallon of 8% Chlorine
1 cup of Simple Green
1/3 cup of Dawn
1 cup of Zep Citrus all purpose cleaner
10-15 mins dwell

I cleaned the house and the driveway with a 20" BE H.S.C.
There were what looked liked lots of rust spots in his driveway and part of the sidewalk

Does anyone know how long you are able to run the solution line for the X-Jet? I had about 12’ and it was pure hell, can I go 30’?
5 Gallons is way to small I was thinking of a 30 gallon tank on a cart for cleaning solution enough for the entire house about 1800sf’?


(1) - Five gallon container

(1) - Downstream injector

(1) - Set of correct tips

(3) - Gallons of store 8% Bleach

(1) - Gallon of water

(1) - Five ounce squeeze of Professional Grade House Washing soap.

Welcome to the PWR forum.

You got to quit mixing stuff up like you’re the first human to wash a house.

The experimenting has already been done and the results proven, no need to re-invent the wheel.

Happy Memorial Day!

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home depot here as 10% at about 4.75 a gallon after tax and 8.25% at 3.33 after tax, yes, 8.25