What type of boots do you wear

I am looking into getting some new boots, what types of boots do you wear.

Timberlands. So darn comfy. Heavy soles just how I like. They last forever. They can get pricey tho. Beware of the overpriced ones if you look into them.


Muck boots. Rubber sole and neoprene upper.


If you want water proofing on anything, try never wet.

even pants?

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but yes, pants. Lol You can spray it all over any clothes. Check their website. They have a video where military members spray their clothes, go through obstacle courses, and come out perfectly clean.

Nice price too

The cheapest muck boots I can find for flat work with $40 insoles and last year’s Merrell Moab ventilators for everything else. I wear the Merrell’s as my regular shoes, buy a new pair every year, and the old pair gets used for work. They breath and dry fast should I get any water in them.

Wool socks too. Merino wool socks are a must for wet feet.

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I used my old Irish setter hunting boots for a few months last year to wash in and ruined them in no time. 3 years hunting and scouting no problem. 3 months in water and SH and they’re in tatters.

I’m just glad I was finished hunting in them.

Thanks everyone for the responses.

I think the muck boots seem like a good investment. I don’t do a lot of flat work, but they seem like they would also be good winter boots.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Waited till hunting season is over and got them for $29.99 water proof, comfortable, feels like ur wearing a :athletic_shoe:

I use Muck boots now but I used to use Walmart waterproof rubber boots with Dr Scholls inserts. They were comfortable enough but would rip or get holes in them every 6 months.

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That link he posted has them for 70 bucks and free shipping. He’ll of a deal. I ordered a pair!

Muck Boots…Chore ST(eel toe)…105 dollars at Tractor Supply…Comfy!

I spent three years trying boots until I found the ONE that really liked for me this is my all time favorite after much trial and error water proof and light and comfy as all get out

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I was looking at these tonight when I went and bough muck boots. They look pretty stout, but I’ve never heard of them. You’re pretty happy with them huh?

I got these to hunt in, but I’m definitely curious about the Magellan boots.

Sketchers waterproof. About 70 bucks.

I wear a pair of ankle high muck boots, a little warm, but comfy. They are old, had them since company was starting to take off but only wore them on the boat during striper season when needed.

I also have ankle high pair from bass pro, same as much but a lot lighter and leas substantial… $30ish if i recall correctly. Very good value in my opinion.

Im a Muck boot fan, have 2 different pair for hunting, but will be trying out the short Lacrosse boots when i need more