What tips to order help

Hey guys, so far you guys have helped me pick a machine and helped me with my name! I APPRECIATE IT TO THE MAX!

I ordered a 5.5 gpm 2500 psi cold water machine and it’s getting mounted in to the back of my work van with all the other fun stuff in the next two weeks! I’m so pumped! I just need some basic help here…

Need to know what tips I should get if I’m mostly doing house washes. I have seen the tips that have the four different types all in one that some guys use… Also I don’t have a surface cleaner (yet but it’s coming) maybe recommend some tips for that? Can imagine I will be asked to pressure wash some surfaces so would like something to help with that until I can get a surface cleaner. Just want to know everything I should get so I can be prepared!

Thanks again guys your the best

Use the search tool in the top left corner to answer all you questions. Everything has pretty much been answered.

The 4 tips connected is called a JRod, the size tips you put in, is up to you and depends on what you want your psi to be. To figure that out use a nozzle chart.



Jrod tips for 5.5 gpm:
2510 - fan rinse
0010 - stream rinse
0050 - stream soap
2550 - fan soap

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Call pressuretex and they can set you up with your jrod and tips good people

I know everyone has different definitions of “soft wash” but using a orfice size of 10 with a 5.5gpm machine is putting out a little under 1200 psi. I dont consider that soft washing and i use way bigger tips in my 5.5 machine. Thats also why i dont recommend the premade (already selected nozzle size) jrod from pressurtek. I just buy the jrod then add my own nozzles.

Do you use a 0015? I assume you still have enough pressure to where you don’t have an issue hitting 3 stories or you wouldn’t be using it? I’m getting ready to place a big order to get ready for my trailer build so want to get what works best. I guess I can always buy a few different tips and see what works for me.

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Get a m5ds nozzle and shooter tip


I agree with @Racer . I just got my M5 last week and I’ve done about two houses and it works great. Definitely worth the investment. Just get an extra 20 ft of poly-braid hose for your chemical and you’ll be set.

For 5.5 gpm machine go with # 40 orifice, ie 2540 and 0040.
That will put you at 75 psi at the tip. Anyway, keep it at 100
psi or lower leaving the tip, you are doing a true soft wash!


So you switch out the m5ds and the shooter tip?
I was looking at the jrod, and they make them in 2, 3 and 4 nozzle configs. I was thinking maybe an 0 / 60 and a 15/ 40 in a two nozzle config for my 8gpm 3500psi machine. If you use a jrod, do you usually use all four nozzles? Seems may be a little heavy.

I put it on my shopping list the other day after watching your house wash video. Thanks for the suggestion!

@AdamB I think Racer uses the M5 but he mainly down streams with it when house washing. At least it looked like he did in his house washing video. I take it you didn’t down stream if recommending extra vinyl hose? I think I really want to downstream so I don’t have to mess with hauling around buckets of house wash mix. I’ll try it both ways though.

The 0010 is “soft” when its hitting top of 2nd and 3rd story homes. I don’t have to pull the chem injector which is why I love the Jrod

Only down side to M5 is the noise. Its loud compared to my Jrod set up

I think adamb must be using the m5 xjet and racer uses the m5ds nozzle I’m not sure if he knows they are different

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@bryananders9 you’re partially right lol. I read @Racer post wrong and thought he meant the M5 X jet. But still, I am very happy with the x Jet

This is my setup for house washing (I also have a 5.5 machine):

2540, 0540, and shooter nozzle. I go back to the trailer to shutoff the soap as I’m using an undersized injector for maximum draw, and I would need to use way-too-small tips to get that thing to stop sucking soap.

The 5° nozzle is really useful for 1.5-2 story work. I highly recommend it.


If you like your m5 xjet you need to try m5ds no dragging a pail around and also i think Brodie tried a 100ft hose with his xjet and still pulled just fine

I found that I got another 6’ with Guy’s shooter tip. Every foot counts helps.

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what is the difference between the m5 nozzle(xjet) that and the m5ds. They look almost like the same thing? Also do these pull soap all the time even when changing the spray settings? Do they attach to a quick connect or do you have to install one?Thanks

Just got my m5ds today from Southside equipment. Came with quick connect on it. Yes they pull soap all the time you will have to go back to your truck/trailer and pull the hose. Love it so far, fans really really wide and can easily hit two story houses (only size I have done)

I don’t personally mind walking back to my truck to pull it but I’m new and maybe as time goes on I will get tired of it.

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