What the?!

Any ideas what’s causing this?

the leak?

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Is that thermal relief valve supposed to be on there with a bypass?

Hard to tell but looks like there may be a hairline crack. Did you experiences freezing temperatures lately?

Your unloader is not on a block, you have a thermal relief on your unloader, you have a female connector leading from your unloader. I am not sure what you are asking, but those three things should be addressed.

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No freezing temps. It’s kept in the garage.

Water was spewing from here…

Your unloader is not on a block
Going to fix that issue next spring.

you have a thermal relief on your unloader
Should I take it off and plug it? If so, what’s the benefit?

you have a female connector leading from your unloader
Is that bad?

Well that connector in the pic needs to be taken off, the sockets wire brushed and put some good Teflon tape on the threads. Looks bare to me. Might as well replace it, might be cracked or chipped.

The thermal valve, it’s just another fail point, so yes plug it. As for the female quick connect, William is partial to having the male end sticking out of the outlet side as dragging hoses can stuff the connectors with dirt.

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You should always lead with the male side. If you are pulling your hose with the female end first and it gets caught on something that quick connect will come apart


I’m confused yall! That female connector is hooked to a line that is then hooked to my hose reel.

Friction loss

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If it’s just the whip line from the machine to the reel it shouldn’t be a problem. Now the end of your pressure hose should be ‘male’ end though.

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Oh yes, the end of my pressure hose is always a Mail fitting.

Through rain or sleet or snow. The mail will always be there


So the female coupler hooked to the whip on my hose reel will cause friction loss? Also - if I plug the thermal relief will that pose a problem?

I need to look closer but it may be the unloader that’s cracked

Everything causes friction loss, replacing the female will minimize it. Yes, a plug goes there, not a thermal relief.

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Ok I’ll swap that out tomorrow. Thx!