What size 12v pump is best?

Pretty new to using a 12v set up. Just bought one but it only has a 2.5 gpm pump and seems to not be very efficient. I’m also using a regular wand setup with you basic tips. Any advice on pump and nozzle set up to not take my entire day doing a roof cleaning.

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What is the hose size and length.

Heck, I have a couple 7gpm fatboys in the shop not being used, I’ll even do a bogo and throw in a new solenoid to sweeten the deal.

I run a 7gpm. A lot of guys like the 5.5 because it usually gets just about the same distance, is slightly less expensive and uses less chemical. If you’re plumbing it to a reel then I’d probably go with the 7gpm because you will definitely have some loss of flow with the added restrictions.


I’m using 150ft of hose at 3/8 inch

From the research I’ve seen the 7gpm is looking like the best option. What about the nozzle set up? Like I said I’m using a pretty basic wand setup with the colored tips (I know I’m a rookie)

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The 3/8" is probably too small for 7 gpm. Not sure about a 5.5. You can get 300’ of 1/2" Flexilla for like $180 though.

I also use a 7 gpm.


#40 tip in 0, 15, 25, and 40 degree. A lot of guys have some different garden hose sprayers too. Most of us just use a ball valve and like an 18" piece of schedule 80. All 1/2".

I’m putting together a small post treatment rig for the purpose of only using it post treating…no roof cleaning. What size pump would you recommend for this? I feel like a 7 gpm would be overkill, but I don’t know if a 4 gpm would be nearly effective enough.

I don’t think I’d go over 2-3 gpm for something like that. I have that 1 gpm setup I use for decks and it sprays pretty decent. I have a big deck job coming up in the next couple of days. I’ll try and remember to take a video so you can see the amount it puts out…

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Thanks, that would be great. I started offering 6-month treatments, especially for the neighborhoods with HOA’s. There are quite a few with oak trees and a lot of these driveways end up with bad stains, but once they are treated, look way better. So I wanted something I could just throw in the back of the truck without worrying about taking the whole setup.

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I have a 2.2 gpm with 3/8" hose and I have a 7 GPM with 1/2" hose. If you are doing large driveways the 2.2 with a 3/8" will be annoyingly slow sooner than later. I have never tried the 2.2 with a larger hose that might make it flow enough. I had a 5.5 and it would be plenty for what you want to do. The 7 would be overkill.

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Thanks everyone for the advice. One more thing though, does anybody have a link to a good set of nozzles? I have found a few but just not certain which way to go. Thanks in advance

It’s gotta be better than a pump sprayer lol. I just wasn’t overly sure if a 2.2 gpm would be sufficient enough or if a hot surface would dry too quickly. I’m only going to be running no more than 100’ of 1/2 hose. Like I said, it’s strictly for the 6-month treatments so I don’t have to take the entire rig.

The 2.2 pumps put out more than you think. Not enough volume for roof cleaning but post treating should be fine. If you’re going from a pump up sprayer to a 2.2 you’re gonna be love it. I picked up a 25 gal ag sprayer with a 2.2 and 100’ of 3/8 hose to experiment with. I built a 1/2 ball valve wand from Ace hardware and the used the high and low rinse tips on my 4gpm jrod. It worked out great. And there’s this

Everflo EF2200-QA-BOX 2.2GPM 12V Diaphragm Pump-Quick Attach Port https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017XCQ8KI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_yBvLDbJMBTNGN

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That’s perfect! I have a 16 gallon tank already…so it’s more-so just building the setup that can easily be thrown into the truck bed when needed.

2.2 with 1/2" hose will probably be great for what you want to do. I use my 2.2 for lots of things to include appling sealer and staining fences when need be.