What should I put where

There are those 5 gallon, and I think 20gallon foodgrade drums that basically sit up horizontally instead of laying down, check those out. They look like little rounded edged drums.

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I’d buy a bigger trailer if possible to fit everything you need. You’ll soon realize you don’t have enough space for everything else like chems, pump sprayers, surface cleaner, poles, brushes, etc. Or you’re gonna have to get really creative with the space you have.

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I will say 1 thing about carrying stuff in the back of my expedition is “that smell of water that been sitting in a hot garden hose never goes away.” So dont carry hose, gas or chems in vehicle.

After I make a few bucks with this one, I need to make this work for now


You have the skills it’s super easy

Why not?

You don’t have to go with a flatbed, btw. There’s some pretty cool aluminum skids for pw’ing/softwashing out there.

It’s a lease, I’m Not sure I want to buy it out at the end of the lease term, residual value is ridiculous.

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I think I will go with something like this to start off…

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I love the taco. The trailer honestly doesn’t look safe enough to leave the garage.


What looks unsafe about it? All the wood new and bolted down. Besides needing fenders what else?

Please dont take this the wrong way. I commend your efforts but some of those boards have one screw in them that thing is going to fall apart quickly and then you will be stuck with nothing. Take trailer to local fab shop and let them put in a floor then build your trailer. You will out grow that trailer very quickly. Those reels are going to be a PIA to wind up being that low. I bet the fab shop could put a floor and brackets to hold reels pretty cheap.

Did I miss something. Where is your fuel tank?

I’m not taking it the wrong way, I’m open to ideas and criticisms, last thing I want is to struggle out there. Like I said, I’ll prob be out there once or twice a week washing locally, but that’s why I’m here, looking for advice.

Fuel tank, I’m prepping to coat the inside, had some rust I got rid of with vinegar. I was going to pick up a new one but people complained about it being smaller and not fitting on the pressure washer properly, bolts not aligned or something like that (Amazon). Can’t find an original.

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I honestly don’t see any bolts. Only a few screws. Only 1/6 of the sides of the boards have been treated. Tank is mounted the wrong way unless you fill it full of plastic fencing or wiffle balls. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable pulling it.

Nothing is tied or bolted down,it’s all a mock up

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Not sure how it can be bolted down and not bolted down at the same time. Either way, it’s safe as long as it is sitting in your garage

The equipment, but thanks for your feedback :upside_down_face:

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I hate to be that guy, but you seem to live in a nice area and drive a 2019 tacoma…take the hit and spend $500-$800 on a used trailer that’ll actually fit everything you need it to, and be safe. You don’t seem to be in a rush so save up for a bit if you need to.