What product should I use to clean and seal these pavers?


Please take a look at the picture and provide me with some advise on how to clean and reseal these pavers? Huge client and would like to give her a finished product that looks amazing…look at these pics




Check out lock n seal line of products.




Is there a paid side to this forum?

I think there should be… I would definitely pay to have a discussion side with valid questions, answers, and advice by people who do this for a living


There’s a members only forum for PWRA dues paying members. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone post in it though.


What kind of finish does she want on it. Natural, satin or luster?


Clean with surface cleaner. Pump spray water on pavers. Collect check quickly before drying occurs


Is lackluster an option?


Use a poopknife on them pavers.


She wants a natural look on the fevers thanks racer. Would I use the seal and lock? What product would you use for a natural look and sealed? It’s a big job and she is paying me 4000 dollars. Not just for the Pavers but this will be my first pavers job.


Maybe for 4k you can hire a professional to do it and watch him. That will be a great way top learn


Looks like from pic, they need to be re-sanded. Is that what you’re planning on doing? Several different sands you can use and depending on that, then you would decide whether use Seal n Lock. Call David at Southern Stain and Seal in KY… He’s a wealth of knowledge and can help you pick the right products, depending on what you want to do. and he carries most the major brands.


This thread should be helpful


Perma-Crete by ppg in a pinch. Nice low-mid sheen. Keep on keeping on. Also sanded these with a vibratory plate compactor.


What type of sand should I use


Pounded sand


Where can her this product and what is the exact name


Walmart in the sporting goods dep’t. Just ask for pounded sand


I’d probably get a better quality and finer grit than what Wal-Mart has to offer. It may not have been screened as well compared to other brands. Not being screened as well, along with a larger grit, sure can be rough on the hands if you don’t have good gloves or if the job takes all day.