What paint do they use on hardie plank

Why does hardie plank spot up and other paints dont?
Did a test spot on a house and it turned color now im going to have to repaint a section. It was tan hardie plank.

Sherwin Williams

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Some Sherwin Williams paints had organic pigments. Make sure it’s completely dry before you repaint it. Lots of paints lighten up where the water collects. You can wipe it off but have to wait 10-15 mins or so to dry completely.

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Stupid question, but is all hardie plank painted with Sherwin Williams from the factory, and if not ,is that what the manufacturer of hardi board suggests,Sherwin Williams ? @Innocentbystander

I used to be a painter its all based on personal preference. I’ve painted hardie board in Sherwin, PPG, and Benjamin Moore product.

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Nevermind i packed up and left. Need to change my business name.


Good. That’s probably a better route to take. You know the old saying “if you do a test spot with bleach and fade the paint, it’s best to pack up, leave and change the name of your company.”



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We have hardi all over the place around here. Just another painted surface. Cleans just like any other painted surface. Perhaps just lucky.

My own house - 2nd story is hardi, 1st story is brick. That is very typical around here - part masony of some kind and part hardi. Cleans up just fine.


Lmao. No i showed it to them and they were old and dont think they really noticed but im going to match the paint color and do the section. Its about 35 feet wide 12 feet tall. Couldn’t believe it changed so quick. I cancelled a job i had thus weekend on a tan hardi board house but this guy is insisting i come do a test on some board’s he has in his shop. So i might just go do the test .

I also had limonene in my mix not sure if that would have caused it.

Not sure - I use the standard HW mix with no issues.

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Thats quite the test spot.


Cant just paint where i messed it up at need to do the whole side to make it look right

You do a test spot in the middle of house head high?

Test spot suppose to save you from a hassle.


Hardie plank doesn’t come painted (well at least not here) unless those in his shop are painted with the same paint as his house the test wont really help you assess the situation.

I worked with a guy over 25 years ago his “special” way of house washing caused problems on several houses, his solution was to pull out ajax spray and wipe with a scotchbrite scrubber and scrub back the mistake( I think he was just removing the top layer of paint).

Limonene is horrible horrible stuff. Never put it on siding


Works great on brick and stone. The lady told me it was tan vynal and stone so i added some. All i know it i made a 3 foot by 3 foot light spot on thier house and am going to correct it. Im glad they were cool but it just bugs crap out of me. Ill gxive hardie another try and from now on it will be a tiny spot in the bottom corner.

When y’all gonna learn lol. Is a $300 house wash worth a 20k paint job?

Even if you do a test spot and it’s good doesn’t mean the entire house will be good.



If you can peel off a small bit of the good paint and take it to shirwan Williams they can put it under a deal and match the paint. My living room door handle went through the drywall and I had it matched. Can’t tell the difference at all!