What is your biggest add on service to your housewashing?

Since adding an 8gpm cold unit, I am trying to upsell more concrete cleaning. What add-ons are you finding most profitable as upsells to a housewash?

Gutter whitening, exterior window cleaning, How do you like the 8 gpm machine. I am thinking about going to a bigger unit. Sidewalks and pool decks are the only concrete we have up here. Very few concrete driveways.

Roof cleaning #1 add on then driveways cleaning #2 biggest add to house wash wash but we started window cleaning is starting to pick up for us.

gutter whitening. sell it all the time.

Good post. All of our house washes have on the estimate scrubbing the exterior of the gutters. Reason being was because years ago I would only clean the house and the gutter cleaning was an upsell… The houses looked terrible if they didn’t clean the exterior of the gutters as well… And thats what the neighbors saw a clean house and dirty exterior of gutters which really kill the job you did… So now all of our house washes have the exterior of the gutters being scrubbed built into the price. We will and haven’t in 10+ yrs cleaned a house and not clean the exterior of the gutters also… Your work is your picture for others and dirty gutters makes your work look incomplete IMHO.

Easiest upsell for us is we have a separate price to clean and flush the interior of the gutters which may be $50-$70 add on… And since your there already it’s easy money… But don’t let them be able to just pick the clean and flush unless you want a separate bus for that only. For use we have A $250 minimum for all jobs.

Gutter Whitening always… Its an easy up sell, limited chemical cost, and its usually quick and easy! A demo most always sells it.

i use these two pics and sell every time

to the untrained eye, nothing looks wrong with the first pic. but seeing how dramatic the change is, it makes you want it!

Gutter whitening should be part of the wash if you ask me…
Best add on is either gutter cleaning or window cleaning

Yeah, we include that in the wash.

Gutter Whitening and Concrete Cleaning

If i didn’t make so much more money on it, I would too

I charge so much for premium house washes I could never leave ’ em dirty!

Gutter Brightening by far and then 2nd would be window cleaning

Does anyone offer to install gutter,soft,facial?? Easy work

We partner with a local siding contractor. He sends us a fair amount of washing, we send him repairs and installs. You can not beat a man at his own game.

Plus, he’s happy with the money he makes on his craft, but it pales in comparison to what we get for washing.

My number one upsell is cleaning wood decks.

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Yea good deal ya have there… The guy buying my bussiness… I will bid the work and he will do it… He will pass all cleaning my way… Will work for both of us…

Overall best upsell would be gutter cleaning if i’m doing a roof.

Few weeks ago I upsold a house wash AND roof cleaning when I was there just cleaning out gutters.

We cleaned some gutters for a fellow once that was so impressed he got us to clean his church.

$8,500.00. I never really thought of it as an upsell though.


I had a similar occourance with a church, didn’t think of that of an upsell either lol

You have any pics of the Church Tim?