What is your average rates on residential washing?

What is good pricing per square foot for residential washing? I know it can vary depending on concrete decks etc… just trying to figure out where I need to be.

Hello, welcom to the forums. People here don’t like to talk prices as this is a professional forum and some people have competitors.

They like to say this “figure out how long it will take you to do X” Then figure out how much you want paid an hour.

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Man, this is a tough one. Every market area is different and will bear different pricing. Average $200k homes here will be different from the $800k a few miles away.

I shoot for $100-150/hr soft washing for a solo operator like myself, but that’s here in KY. There’s always going to be those $99 guys or enthusiastic homeowners to compete with.


When I started a guy who had been in business said shoot for $0.10 - $0.14 per square foot of exterior siding/surface. (For my market) I now just eye ball it and shoot for a minimum of $100 hr. Usually I’m at $150 to $200. You’ll get the price per hour down after you get several dozen houses done.

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Thanks so much!

I appreciate that advice!

This is the key here, have a minimum for residential. You’ll get all sorts of requests to wash all sorts of things. A man wants to wash his 2 front steps if calculating by the square foot, stay at home. Commercial is the only thing I charge by square foot.

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Don’t price per sq ft… just create standard pricing. After a few houses you will dial in your pricing.

Here is my pricing


For example a 2400 square ft 2 story house this week took us 40 minutes pulling in and pulling out. A 3800 sq for house took us 50 minutes. (2 guys)

Is ten minutes worth the headache of measuring and customizing every quote?

Make it simple and make $$


I was browsing the link you posted. Looks cool, i like it but i noticed a grammar error


Thanks!! I honestly need to go through and re word everything.

How has the online booking been working out?

Well with everything going on the residential side had been slow. But it has been awesome! Had a handful of people order and schedule online, zero interaction.

And a few that I capture there info, so to get to that page you have to put in your name and cell # as “step 1”. So far that has been great, texting them the next day and asking if they have any questions. The online booking conversion is about 30% and then texting is about 30%.

I’m trying to find a way to automate the texting from leads captured but so far no luck.

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Is quoting that time consuming for you that it is a burden? I can quote every house wash request we have by using sqft in 30 seconds or less. Feel like we would lose out on a lot of money if I did it the way you do.

How are you getting the square foot and is it internal square foot or square foot of siding?

$200.00 per man hour is where we’re at.

Your rates seem pretty low for your area…we are over in Oakland County and the going rate is about double your prices… maybe more. But I’m also curious how you can do a 2400 sqft house in 40 mins. Is this a routine wash job?

More GPM

County real estate data, internal sqft

That’s the going rate here, some more expensive, some cheaper. It works for us though, good closing rate.

2 guys on the house.