What Is The Purpose Of This Forum?


Correct answer gets a prize.


A database of crowd sourced information that can help business owners from sales to technical information to technique etc. Either now or later. Networking. Build relationships.


To share our knowledge with one another and better ourselves as professionals?

It seems for some purpose is to troll.


Advertising/revenue platform. Sharing of helpful information is simply the hook. Same thing goes for Television, social media, magazines, etc., etc.


This is a timely post.

I just went to check out the window cleaner forum since I haven’t been in a long time. I pay my annual PWRA dues which I just found out they combined with the WCRA. That’s perfectly fine, but if this forum is intended to produce revenue why aren’t the PWRA members getting access to this the same way the window cleaners forum is?


Glad you posted… im looking into signs as we speak.


It is a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation.


Is this question a passive aggressive attempt at getting the PWRA forum to purchase more through the window cleaner store, utilize at cost printing more, etc.?


It’s a great place to see how many people come here for 2 min and ask questions, and then trying to time how fast the first response of “search option will answer your question” this was me as well :grinning::grin:


@squidskc Rowdy, it wasnt intended as passive aggressive but i could see how it could be taken that way.

So here is the point, For General Population:
The main purpose of both forums is to drive traffic to the store. That isnt a secret but it’s something that isnt clear to all. It wasnt clear to me for a time.

It is part of a business. Although the sharing of free info is great, it is the store that helps keep them running, and there are costs to running both forums.

It’s true that the PW end of the store needs some attention and PWRA may not at present be your first stop for PW supplies. But that may very well change in the near future.

So, having said that, how many of us would allow another business to advertise on our websites?

Who would get there vehicle lettered with someone else’s company logo and contact info?

Would we be in the right to determine who we help out, partner with, or promote, in conjunction with our own business? And if someone was interfering with our business model, would we be in the right to block those individuals to the best of our ability, no questions asked?

As far as moderation, that too may change for the better in coming days. No one is exempt, myself included, from getting booted. So it is a good time to reevaluate oneself to see if there are any adjustments we need to make to contribute more wholesomely to someone else’s business, showing them the respect we would want if they were a guest in our business day in and day out.


I may be off base on this but it was my understanding that to purchase from the online store you had to be a member. With new members not be accepted at this point in time, I don’t see much point in it. If non members can use the store then it is a completely different ball game. My answer for the point of the forum was taken directly from the terms and conditions page. Either way, I’m happy to see this forum as a vendor free zone. Now if someone could find a way to keep them from making knew accounts when they are kicked we would be walking in tall tobacco


Thanks for clarifying. Maybe we should start a market research thread to crowd source ideas on how to make the store actually a reasonable place to shop and find the things we can use/need.


FWIW, I always assumed Lori was a paying advertiser. Knowing that she wasn’t, puts things in a different perspective. “Tacky” is the word I’m thinking of.

It raises the question, though, who are the paying/partner vendors to the forum? I don’t see any ads on the mobile site, so I’m not really sure who to steer people to. I know that Bob @ pressuretek offers a discount for PWRA members, so I would assume he’s one of them.

Btw, what’s my prize?

@Innocentbystander, you don’t need to be a PWRA/WCRA member to shop there. But members do get a generous discount.


There are none.



We do run some ads on the desktop version but perposfly exclude them from mobile view. 80% of the traffic to the forum is on mobile devices.


The forum is not intended to produce revenue.

Agent halt

I could stand to see one or two small ads, provided they weren’t the intrusive type that follow you down the screen


We have about 1650 combined WCRA/PWRA members - they have access to all the same stuff.


Then you’re the exception to the rule. Hope it breaks even, at least :wink: