What Is The Purpose Of This Forum?


10 Years ago I launched the Window Cleaning Resource Forum because we were dissatisfied with the current forums available at the time.

About maybe 6 years ago we launched the Pressure Washing Resource generally for the same reasons.

This time last year I bought Thad out of the PWRA and with that purchase came the PWR forum here. I actually almost shut the forum down but I noticed the traffic was growing quite a bit and it was becoming a nice community so I decided to leave it up. You guys seem to be running things quite nicely here without my intervention so I kinda just let you guys do what you want and handle the direction of the forum.

I merged the WCRA/PWRA mainly for simplicity sake on my end but actually intend to split them up again in 2019.

For the past 20 months I have been building a brand new super website @ windowcleaner.com - In the comeing months we are moving our store over there and merging everything else under that one domain.

Once that’s wrapped up I’m going to turn my attention back over to the pressure washing side and get us a nice store built with just pressure washing items.

Agent halt

It might breakeven I cant say for sure. It costs maybe $600 a month to keep this place rolling.


Although we list for sale 2,000 or so pressure washing items in our store - pressure washing supplies account for 1/2 of 1% of our overall revenue. Im aware we are not priced competitvly on the items we list - and I intend to fix that in 2019. ( Mainly now we just list them for our window cleaning clients ) that need a couple things here or there. Its not our focus.


Honest answer, i respect that.


Im a big fan of Bob at PressureTek - Russ at Southside - and the whole crew at Powerwash.com

I cant reccomend them enough for your pressure washing supply needs at this point.


I wouldn’t mind ads. Wouldn’t bother me in the least. I think the forum should drive traffic. The forum provides a TON of value and I think the PWRA membership is 100% worth it. I think monetizing something that provides value is well deserved.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’d pay a monthly fee for the forum. It’s returned that 1000-fold or more.


Thank you, I appreciate that.

At this point, Im just super focused on wrapping up my 20 months of the project of building out our other e-commerce site. But like I said in 2019 I’m going to switch my focus back over here.

Id love to do both at the same time but… The man that chases 2 rabbits, catches 0 rabbits :slight_smile:


I do appreciate you guys keeping this place headed in a positive direction while im absent though :slight_smile:


I already asked in the other post, but there was some other noise in there.

How can I help with the store AND the forum?


With the forum you could just keep doing what your doing :slight_smile:

I like the direction you are taking things.

As for the store right now not much. But I will certainly take you p on that offer in the next couple of months when Im ready to tackle that aspect.


I know I’m no Luke The Window Cleaner, but I can put together a “Downstreamers Dream” kit for you. Lol

Joking aside, thanks for the kind words. And I’ll gladly help when your ready for me.


@Chris if this place becomes a financial burden let me know and I’ll scratch up a few guys to cover the expenses.


I appreciate that greatly but no worries at all. As long as the place stays positive and fun I’m happy to keep it going.

I’ll make my money back on it in a couple months when @Thad and I come in here in the next couple of months and spam out the thehugeconvention.com :grinning::rocket:


Buy YOUR SUTTNER 2315’S from the WINDOWCLEANINGRESOURCE.COM store! You won’t regret it! I promise! :slight_smile:



Gotta step up your beard game :sunglasses:


Guys, you’re making me well up. :joy:

Nice helpful spirit. #ThatswhatImtalkinbout.


I think you mean Luke needs to step up his 80’s workout gear game.


I stand corrected :thinking:



The store is at windowcleaningresource.com