What is everybody paying for SH these days?


I just joined this site and have already found A LOT of helpful information. I’m just starting out and have my trailer set up. 275 gal tote. 4gpm honda, downstream injector and all the basics. I had no idea chemicals could be this complex. I did 2 jobs this past weekend with my new trailer. Everything went really well except my wash wasn’t “sudsy” enough. I used chemical guys concentrated car wash thinking that it would be a good enough surfactant. I was sadly disappointed. I will try some dawn or ajax next time. I’m still trying to track down a local or reasonable chemical distributor. This past weekend I used walmart chlorinating liquid (10% SH) mixed 3/1. I will keep reading and do all these tests do figure out my downstream ratio. But the biggest monkey on my back right now is finding the chemicals here in the southeast. Sorry to rant and ramble, but this is by far the most helpful site I’ve come across, and the first one I’ve joined.


If you’re wanting to use store bought stuff then buy some Gain Ultra dish soap. It works the best when in a pinch. But if you want to use the good stuff, buy some elemonator from Bob at pressure tek. It doesn’t cost really any extra than dish soap and it boosts the effectiveness of the SH and makes rinsing easier. Use professional chems if you want the best results.


Thanks, will do. I have a week off to kind of plan and buy essentials. I’ve bought several things from pressuretek and have been impressed with them all. I was trying to decide between elemonator and simple cherry. I think I’ll try elemonator first. I was having way too much runoff with the concentrated chemical guys car wash (don’t laugh too hard). Also, what have y’all found to work best on wood? The majority of the work I do are mobile homes and decks/fences with houses mixed in.


Just search wood cleaning and you’ll have enough reading for a month.


$1 per gallon


I’m paying 2.00 a gallon for 12.5 but I pick it and he loads it right on my trailer it was 110.00 for the 55gallons. Hope everyone has a great season


Just found a local supplier that will deliver bulk to my home and pump it into the tank in my shop for 2.85 a gallon. I know its higher that a lot of you but I am pleased as pie! I was paying $5 a gallon at the pool store. When the company asked where I was buying it from before he laughed and said well you have been using our product for a long time because we supply it to them! Also came with a nice line of credit! Today is a good day!


I still pay $3.90 a gallon… it’s the best I can find in Kansas City and it’s not for a lack of trying.


Don’t say I never did anything for ya! Same company right down the road from you. If you have a spare tank or IBC they will surely sell for same price? Delivery is free and Id say if you are in or near KC you are the same distance as I am from my supplier.


I’m calling them now. I probably called 50 companies and this wasn’t one of them. Thanks!


Let me know if it pans out!


Are they driving from Havana to deliver or is there a distribution center closer to you? I need to make some calls but, being an hour drive from Havana, I don’t know if they’ll deliver that far. They might if they’re already in the area which I’m sure they come somewhat close.


Put in an inquiry online and the guy will call you. Tell him Chris Schertz sent ya! I’m sure they deliver your way. I do know that they do not allow pickup at their place. Homeland Security rules.


I’ve had a heck of a time finding a reasonably priced supplier for SH in the SE VT/SW NH/Western MA area.

I keep going back to Dollar General. Usually $2.85/121oz of 8.25%. I did pick up some 12.5% at the Job Lots over in Walpole at only $2.99/gal, but they only sell the stuff for a limited time, I’m suspicious of how fresh their stock is since there’s no date labels, and it’s a half hour drive into the middle of nowhere for me.

If I could manage to get really fresh 12.5% delivered for $3-$3.50/gal in smaller quantities (55 gal or less), I’d be a really happy camper.


Walmart in season has 10% SH with manufacturer dating on the bottle. It’s in the pool section. About $3.50 a gallon. And Lowe’s sometimes offers a a two-pack of the stuff for like $5.50


$2.20 a gallon - $11 for 5 gallon pales


bryananders9, where are you getting it for that price? Im down the road in Havelock.


In Fremont nc JBI chemical


If you haven’t located a pool supply company ( I haven’t located one yet, new to the area) there is always Walmart, if 10% SH works for you. It’s $3.20 a gallon. I stocked up since pool season isn’t for a few more months, here. I know it’s not 12.5%, but, better than nothing…for those of us in rural areas.