What is everybody paying for SH these days?


Just wondering what everybody is paying for SH these days… Looking for a new distributor this season, just gave a local company a call, the lady wasnt very friendly so i didnt get to find out the percentage but i can only assume its going to be 12% for the price.
5 gallons- $15.75/gallon + $8 drum charge
15 gallons- $13.11/gallon + $11 drum charge
55 gallons- $2.69/gallon + $54 drum charge

Doesnt seem horrible at 55 gallon drum cost… Just wanted to see what everybody else is paying


$119 per 55 gallon drum delivered and pumped into my tank.

That’s it in the background of you can make it out


$2 per gallon for 12.5% in a 55 gallon drum.


$2 a gallon for 300 gallon tote delivered


Local distributor sells for $2.75 per gallon. Not enough volume for me right now to be buying a 300 gallon tote.


what state?? i cant find any locals besides one company who carries! Seems like they run the market so i have to pay it lol


Local car detail chemical place sold us a 55 gallon drum of 12.5% for $90. Good deal, but i got it in January and it had an inspection sticker from July on it. Would love to get it at that price if i could get a fresh batch, but they didn’t seem to be too knowledgeable about it.

Brenntag quoted me 2.55/gallon delivered, or 2.25 pickup. Little more expensive, but their stuff is fresh. They sent me a Certificate of Analysis on that batch, and it was checked two and a half weeks earlier, and was 13.93%.


Dang. I’m paying $175 for a 55 gal or $3.18 per gal. I really need to find a better price. Can y’all put the company name that you use. I use Landa. I found one company that will sell for $140 but I have to pick up and I don’t have the ability to do that. Not a 55 gal drum.


Bleach is a loss leader for Landa or other pressure washing stores. Like selling gas. My Landa guy carries it as a service for his customers and to keep them coming. No way he makes money sending a employee on a 40 mile round trip to my shop to pump out 4 or 5 drums for $119 a drum once a week when he is paying $112 a drum. But he has all my business on everything.


I Can’t Find any under 12.99 a gallon around here. Im willing to travel to NC im in WV Someone help me find some?


Where in WV are you? Surely there’s a Chem supplier somewhere closer than NC…just gotta find them…maybe try searching a given radius (i.e. 100 miles) then expanding if necessary?


Im in Princeton WV


Have you checked to see if there are any Chem suppliers in Bluefield or Wytheville yet?


Now I under stand why everyone else waters down their SH! I pay $0.99 per gallon and just back my trailer up to the fill station and get however much I’d like to get.


I pay $2 for 10% and $3 for 12.5% buying by the gallon. I haven’t been able to find a better deal yet, even buying in bulk. Just yesterday, I found a national chem supplier servicing my area and sent them an email. Just waiting to hear back from them now.


I think I hate you, lol.

Here in the northeast, I can hardly even find anyone who sells 12.5%. The one pool/spa place in my town charges $6+/gallon.

I found one company from out of town that can do $2.50ish/gal, but I would have to meet them at 10am on a Thursday morning while they’re servicing a public outdoor pool in town. And that pool is only open during the summer months.

So overall, the most cost effective choice I’ve found so far has been the 6% or 8.25% dollar store bleach, for $2.25 or $3 per gallon. :unamused:


$1.10 here on the Suncoast. It was $1.03 just a couple weeks ago but they raised their price.


I don’t understand why SH fluctuates in price so much. One of my local hardware stores sells the 12.5% on special for $2 a gl every so often and then you go to a large distributor and price it by the drum and it’s $6 a gl. Makes no sense


SH is made about 40 mins south of where I live. They say is it all starts off as 12.5% but by the time you actually use it it’s down to 11%. I used to pay $1.50 until I got hooked up with a whole saler… I can’t complain at all.


I’m just starting out and trying to locate a good supplier for SH. Here it’s $10gal for 10% and I’m waiting to hear back how much a 15 gal container of 12.5% is going to be. probably astronomical