What happens when I mix f-10(sodium PreCarb) and vinegar?


I have heard of mixing them to clean carpets and stuff. does anyone have idea if it would be worth using in House Washing?


Sodium precarb has a ph of 10…vinegar 2

= Not something I’d spray on a house


Hydrogen Peroxide on the other hand has a ph of 4…I could see mixing those two.

People get hydrogen peroxide and sodium percarbonate mixed up




Hydrogen Peroxide Was used to clean white carpets, it would whithen them safely… It helped remove traffic lines…


Hydrogen Peroxide is in Sodium Precarbonate. Mixing those two is no problemo. I suspect adding more peroxide would up the bleaching effects of the mix.


Just looking for something to clean up slightly dirty homes, without having to bust out SH. also for brick, I read SH doesn’t penetrate porous surface very well, and I have been having trouble with brick and bleach. Thought maybe some pre carb would clean them up better, but also it’s hard to get a strong mix with it. Read vinegar “boosts” it.


Why not use the correct chemical for the job. I don’t understand the “having to bust out SH” comment. SH will penetrate anything with the right surfactant.


You may be able to answer this question.

Here in socal, we have no moss or mildew just dirty houses from smog and rubber from all the traffic… Specially in homes lainted white, where the dirt really shows is what I deal with most of the time.

I too would like yo use something without bleach to clean them effectively with out the dangers of using SH. I think this is also the issue the OP is talking about… Just plain dirt and soot build up


Thus my comment about using the right chems. I don’t know what contaminants you are dealing with and can’t make a recommendation. I can’t fathom why people seem afraid to use SH though, or talk about the


I’m concerned with using SH all the time, some things on houses don’t take well to bleach…aluminum trim work for example. I cleaned a vinyl chimney and deck area, some of the trim got striped.


In my experiance working in homes, the new construction stuff here in California is garbage! No matter if high end or not, It’s all cheap! Just looks pretty but the contractors use the lowest quality materials and most things out side can’t handle SH period! Flashing, Gutters specially the black ones, hinges ect…

Also, landscape around a home can cost Thousands of dollars and it’s only smart to minimize your liability… Sure there’s pre rinsing and post rinsing plants but the risk is always there.


Ok, there is no danger if used correctly, but until you learn it, it might be best to not use it I guess. Good luck.


How would you go about a house with gutters that will turn white if SH hit’s them?



I do use SH 90% of the time, and wear proper PPE when handling it. It is corrosive and harmful to skin and lungs. Was curious about a alternative that wouldn’t harm plants or me, for light cleaning of dirt and slight possible algea. IBS, do you have any idea how well sodium Pre carb and vinegar mixed together works? Possible harmful gasses, or if they react and weaken each other?


well SH does kill all the organics, but it doesnt seem to work as good on dirt and brick with dirt in it. And sometimes SH reacts with certain types of paint/material. curious to finding an alternative.


I wouldn’t wash the house


Got it!


95% off houses can be cleaned with SH. For the ones that can’t be, don’t wash them. Lots of things can be corrosive or bad for your lungs. If it gets on your skin, wash it off. It’s not a carcinogen. It’s not going to kill you. Wear a mask of it bothers you. If you try mixing your own chefs to wash with, odds are you will create a worse problem for yourself .