What gpm for fleet washing?

Hey y’all, I have been washing houses for about 2 years now and last year I started researching and reading about fleet washing. I have finally decided to start putting an enclosed trailer together. I currently have 2 cold machines. A 9gpm belt drive and 4 gpm direct drive. I plan on 2 stepping (already talked with Hydrochem) but not sure what size PW I should go with. Should I get a hot box for either my 9 or 4gpm or invest is a hot water 5.5 gpm?

Howdy, Are you 2 stepping low pressure or high pressure and do you have a way to feed 13gpm . And how many trucks at your busiest site.

Im not washing any fleets just yet. I’m trying to get everything set up in a trailer so I can learn, just not 100% sure where I should invest my money. My plan was to DS the 2 stepping chems bud didn’t know if I should get a hot box for one of the machines I already have or get a 5.5 gpm hot water machine just for fleet washing.

I have talked to a couple of fleet managers and the only one that was really interested for Ferral Gas. I have read @GeorgeNicholson’s thread (sooooo much information) about his issues with the gas trucks he was washing.

As far as set up, I would think worst case scenario. And that to me is no water source available. I live my Landa 4.8gpm machine because it has hot water available and it doesn’t blow thru water but still effectively cleans and rinses with that GPM.

As far as Ferrellgas, easy least brother. Get yourself some Fleet Prep and Grizzly for your two stepping. HSC-400 for bad greasy tanks and whatnot (diluted of course). Those 3 will kick FerrellGas butt all day with 120 degree heat.

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I was talking with Chad (I think that was his name) and we were talking about Super Sonic and Grizzly but maybe Fleet Prep would be better for the Ferrellgas trucks since it has HF in it. Something that I am very nervous about is my inexperience and etching glass.

I am thinking about using my 4gpm direct drive machine and getting a hot box for it to save a little money since im just starting out. Unless someone recommends I go a different direction. Im assuming ill use 100ft of pressure hose. Not sure how big of a tank I should carry but I guess that will depend on how much weight the axles of the trailer I get can carry.

We’ve got all 5.5 hot water machines, we use 2 at a time on one truck n trailer, so thats 11gpm a minute, I’d suggest a hot box for your 9gpm. You’ll quickly realize that 4gpm is just not enough to get the job done on a busy schedule plus its direct drive and won’t last long in the fleet washing biz . That being said I’d also get a large buffer tank ,300 gallons or bigger. I have a 600 mounted on one of my trailers and a 500 on the other and a spare rig with a 350 mounted. Fleet washing is all about speed and efficiency to make a good buck. You can’t charge a person $400 for a 30 minute wash, But you can charge $60 to $110 on the same truck every week, 52 weeks a year.

Keep in mind that a 9gpm is a overkill for fleet washing, Id love to see one rinse a truck though, Remember that rinsing a truck takes up 60 to 70 percent of your actual washing time because every soap bubble must be rinsed or you’ll see it on the clear coat, mirrors, chrome, SS etc when its dry. A 9gpm would definitely be impressive to see if you can keep it feed

Yea, id imagine keeping a 9gpm fed would be difficult. That’s why I was thinking using my 4gpm at first. I know direct drive isnt the ideal type of pump, but it’s what I have for now.

How important is heat when it comes to fleet washing. If I start washing my first truck in a month or 2, it will be pretty warm here in Wisconsin. Would it work for a while till I get some income from it? Or is heat an absolute must?

Ain’t that bad actually, i keep to 5.5’ s feed , so thats 11gpm, you’ll be at 13 gpm with the 9 and 4 running, but if your only using the 9gpm you should be fine, thats why I suggest a big buffer tank.

When we wash we also wash the entire motor bay and a complete dot wash on every grease fitting that we can get to, lots of grease around the slack adjusters and king pins , cold water just pushes it around making a mess imo, but if you absolutely have to wash cold isn’t impossible, Keep in mind that truck washing is like dish and laundry washing, My wife uses hot water. Hot water also makes your chems work better and faster, Saving you time that equals money and money from not buying so much chems. Im at 135° all day every day.

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In addition to hot water for fleet washing you need one of these :joy::joy:


I love it !!!

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Your retired, whata you know anymore.
We got great soaps ,we just use more of them for a better cleaning than a willy nilly bird bath upstream clean, Hence the rinsing time amigo. So you say your at 40 % , So your spending 60% of your time fighting to get the krud off. While I’m just leisurely rinsing away.
Nothing but respect, you know this Dez.

I’m going to be buying a 6gpm hot box that I can use with my 4gpm machine till I can upgrade to a 5.5gpm. Do ya’ll recommend the hot box be run off of a 12v battery or 115v run off a generator? I’m thinking a battery would be better so i don’t have the addition fuel costs from the generator.

12 volt , It’s just way easier for you like ya said.