What do you guys think of this wrap


Hey guys, Tim Cray here from Expert Power Wash in Vancouver, WA. I don’t post a lot but read a ton. Been working on branding. Had my logo redesigned and now working on the wrap. What do you all think of this design? I’m completely open to any feedback. Appreciate this community. I could have been the guy on a ladder washing houses if wasn’t for all of you.


double door makes it easy to get your logo and what you do big enough to be seen and grow your brand. I dig it. Just don’t let your website get lost in the blue. If anything, I’d probably just make website and phone number bigger. Otherwise, that’s a good clean wrap!


What’s the tailgate look like?


Waiting on that also. I’m not sure about the side just saying House Washing and Roof Cleaning. We are residential and commercial. Try to stay away from flat work. Most commercial work is building washing. I don’t want to look to residential if that makes sense. I know it’s important to have what you do on the side.


If your paying for a full wrap you should take advantage of every inch. Even if it just a background that helps the message pop


Just a partial wrap


Makes sense. At the same time, most commercial jobs are going to find you from a desk with their laptop. Finding commercial work, at least in my area, is a job for SEO and your website. If you’re doing work in neighborhoods and doing your 5-arounds your truck is perfect.

Can you lose roof washing and professionals and replace it commercial pressure washing?


That’s what I was thinking. Most of my work is House Washing


I was thinking the same thing about the phone number and website. Bigger and the blue is a little subdued.

It does look great though!


Love the big logo. I think you’re knocking out of the ball park!


I agree with enlarging phone number and website.

If you’re not afraid of saying Commercial Exterior cleaning Professionals, or Commercial Pressure Washing professionals, then go for it.

Worst case scenario you build up the commercial stuff this year and next year you get another truck that says residential


Looks good! Are you insured? I would advertise that as well.



I had that put on my fenders.


Definitely Insured. Out here I have to be Bonded, Licensed, and Insured. @APW1, beautiful truck.


That’s a nice clean wrap. Looks very professional :+1:


Here’s the update. @squidskc was asking about the tail gate. Think I’m ready to go with this. Thank you guys for all the great feedback


Nice wrap. How much is that going to cost you?


Looks clean… like said, bigger with the number.


$250 for the design. Will have it done locally. Was quoted $1200 for the wrap itself.