What do you guys think of this wrap


That’s not a bad price. I was quoted close to$2000 that’s why I went with lettering


Wait!! Lol. Consider increasing your website too. People will go on occasion out of curiosity and it will help your SEO.


ThT price is pretty good… i was quoted $3k for my 5x8 trailer.

Vinyl lettering with logo $415… looks just as good for me.


On it it’s been in revision. Making it as big as I can. All the feedback has been great.


Hey i just realized your logo says Expert power wash, then the door lettering says power washing professionals, i think that’s kind of redundant.

Maybe have the door say something like The trusted professionals.

But the logo may not be as visible as the door lettering.

Or change the logo to Expert Clean, or Expert Service.

Also at the bottom it says Soft wash specialists, why not place that on the door, but then expert and specialist would be redundant.

Looks like you wanted the truck to say pro, but couldn’t decide which one to use, so you chose all three.

My .02

Also is your company legal name expert power wash? What if company direction changes in ten years?


Good catch


Thank you for the feedback. I changed the professionals on the side to just commercial and residential. Good points on the company name. That is the legal name Expert Power Wash.