What do you guys think of this machine

Hi guys any reviews on this maCHINE and its price for soft and power washing;
Eagle Series 5.6@2500 thx

Unless someone convinces me otherwise, that’s the machine I’ll be getting. I’m gonna get the skid version, though.

I have a couple. Great little machines for residential. Works well with 16-20inch surface cleaner.

so i guess its a good choice… 1550$…why such a good price; a 4gpm honda is selling at 1600$ to 1700$ belt drive. You know this machine back in january was selling at 1299$!!!

Hi Trae, since im a begginner im gonna ask you whats a 16-20inch surface cleaner; thx billy

Not to be rude but man, use the search function on this site before you ask questions. It will help you way faster than you waiting on a reply plus you will learn a lot more!

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… your right …did the search …know what it is now. thx

January is gone. It doesn’t count anymore. It still looks like a good deal.

january is around the corner Tim… the problem is the year… It is a good deal… You know we dont get deals like this up in Canada… Everythi ng is more expensive when it comes to pressure washing n window washing…So after I pay for the exchange and the freight delivery it comes to roughly the same thing…

I run that machine 5-6 hours a day, I love it. A whisper Wash Classic is a perfect match for it.

I’ve heard nothing but good things as far as residential goes buddy

You have a link to that?

Hi Chris …yup its
Eagle Series 5.6@2500

Belowzero, where do you live… Is it reasonable to drive across the border to avoid shipping? You would still have to pay your fees and all, but would still save a lot, unless you’re like 50,000 miles from the border. Just a thought.

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Yes and No… No cause I have to declare it… got to pay 15% tax.on the retail price… add the exchange rate and im paying around 2000$ which is still ok but what a hassle 4 hours of my time…Still worth it, I guess. thx
would much rather get it delivered at my door though!

Links are “invisible” over here, Chris (same color as main text). Something that can be done about that?

That’s what I figured… Not a great idea I guess.

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Plus, it’s gonna pay for itself quickly, so a couple hundred bucks extra for shipping really isn’t anything to worry too much about…Well worth it to avoid a hassle, I guess.

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It’s working for me Alex. Check your settings

I’ve had colorless links since the last reset.

Hmmm. I assumed everyone did.