What do you guys think of the rig

Getting close to starting my new venture in life new to pressure washing but thanks to this site have been able to do a ton of research. Picked up my new rig yesterday what do you think?


Looks good. Take off the ramp and be mindful of weight with those two big tanks on a single 5 lug

Yes it’s coming off

Looks good! Definitely don’t haul it with those tanks full though, that’s a dangerous scenario

No sir only a quarter full brought it home a little ways with it half full actually rode pretty good

Looks nice! Similar setup to what our company started with. It’ll get the jobs done.

:muscle: that’s what I want to hear

Jealous of that garage.

Me too it’s a friend of mine’s LOL

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Cut out the tongue jack out and put one on the side further back so you can lower the tailgate. Rubber feet under machine. Remove rear gate and mount reels on back of trailer

Good catch, that thing is going to shake like crazy until every nut on it works it’s way off… lol

I’ll have to go back and look but I believe there are rubber feet under the skid of the machine

Thank you guys for the good advice. I will go back to the garage this weekend and remove the tailgate. I need to go look at the tailgate how it’s connected to the trailer to those things just come right off easy?

Looks great, will make money

:muscle: that’s the plan

My wife and i are wanting to build a small setup like this. That trailer looks pretty skinny, is it a 4’x8’?

5x10 trailer

The tailgates usually slide off to the side. There are two little round hinges and pins that come right out.

No this one looks like it has two welded on caps going to have to cut it off I believe

Hmm. Post a pic. I’m sure we can figure it out. May just have a cap to keep debris out?

Trailer look good, by the way. I’ll be building one over the winter, same size.