What do you guys think of the rig

Don’t have a close up of the actual pin but you could zoom in a little bit to see the rear gate.

I can’t see it very well, even on my laptop.
Is there a bar that goes all the way across?

Pic below is essentially the way mine was, until someone stole my whole tailgate.
I’m going to be building a new one, but I am thinking of only building it the height of the side rails. That will keep things from rolling out and easy to lift things over.
With your hose reel height, you could cut that tailgate down and pull hose right over the top. Just a thought my man.

Yes that is the same idea I had but the reason was to get rid of the whole gate but leave enough to be able to at least use the shortened part to put my phone number across it at the rear of the trailer.

Yes, I have seen a number of people in my rearview take a picture of the back sign. Many people take a pic and call a few days, weeks later. If gate isn’t in your way, add signage.

Yes for sure probably going to weld something together down the road a little bit. pretty much put everything I got into this already. I’ll have to do magnets for the truck and maybe some vinyl on the tanks.

Looking good. To gain space on my 5X8, I welded in a rail and mounted the engine up high in the front of the trailer, then placed the tank and battery underneath. This provided room for my surface cleaner.

That sounds like a pretty good idea. I just went to the sign company today going to get a quote on just some lower signs over the rails on each side and then I cut the gate down to about 15 in high just enough to latch it and going to put a sign back there with just my phone number and big letters.

Looks like a great setup to me. I Live just up the road from you in Satellite beach. We even fish out of the Sebastian inlet.

The only advice I can give is even with 205 75 r 15 tires and a single axle trailer like that hauling minimal weight I was having serious issues with all tire brands in that size. Had an almost. New Carlisle “HD”. D rated tire blow sad stuff

So on a 2 hour trip I would run out touch the tires. SUPER HOT

So I ended up putting 225 75 r 15 tires on my single axle trailer E rated. Would do the same trip run out touch the tires and they were so cool to the touch it was unreal. 2011 I got the tires now they had a bubble in one and the tread is splitting steel belts showing. But I caught the tire before It blew up. 10 years isn’t bad at all.

Long winded but yeah 225 75 r 15.

I was living in Sebastian for a while fished every week snook redfish trout. Pretty new to the pressure washing thing but I drove from Melbourne to Sebastian to do a house today and when I got there I felt the tires cuz you had me concerned and they were only warm not hot. Probably did about 50 miles an hour all the way down there on US1.

Trailer looks good. Do yourself a favor go to lowes and get so insulated pipe covers. And put the on the pip everywhere your hose touches metal. Also on you positive and negative wires. It will keep the rub wear down

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You’ll be fine at 50 mph the tires will last a long long time.
. It’s when you’re doing 75-80 down the interstate when you’ll have problems.

One of the biggest reasons the trailer tires are only rated at 55 mph. Hince why U-Haul has stickers that say don’t tow over 55 etc.

:+1: makes sense

Pipe covers? You mean the plastic covering for wiring with a slice down the middle

No the kind made for water pipe

0h ok

I’d get the rubber one…our hoses wore holes in the stainless hose reel shelves of our skid…crazy stuff! Had to do something before the hoses got wrecked, so pool noodles did the trick for the short-term. lol

:+1: that’s what I was thinking in a pinch

or use the polyvinyl hose slit down and zip tied or similar.

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may be a better idea to protect the pressure hose…but I also need to protect the metal of my skid…the hose put grooves and holes in it like you wouldn’t believe, in just a few months. IDK if another hose over it would cushion that damage enough.