What do you guys do during the winter?

What do all you guys do during the winter? The last couple years ive had numerous months off during the winter (with a little fleet maintenance from one of our accounts) and have absolutely been bored out of my mind. I like to continually be busy with work and steady income. Ive been trying to find ways to pick up more fleet maintenance or possibly some commercial interior cleaning accounts with the state and other local businesses with no luck. What do all you guys do?

Thousands of gutter cleanouts. Not much money but it makes payroll from mid December till March

Clean windows. Going into my 12th winter.:grimacing:

Hunt and read books. That’s really it. And being a carpenter in a past life, the owner of KC Custom Closets lets me help out now and again so I don’t go crazy.


See we do windows as an added service now and feel like we make no money… $3/window and they take forever. Almost not worth it

Nothing better than having hunting season off!

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It’s a dream come true. I’ve always said, if I could find someone to pay me $30k every year to hunt and fish I’d quit everything else.

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Gutter cleanings? What am i supposed to clean out? the snow? lol!

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sucks going from working all the time to sitting around all winter. i get bored

I drive from Michigan to California and run my other business. Mainly window washing out there though.

what do you guys charge for windows? i must not being charging enough… we generally do an interior/exterior cleaning for $179.99 up to 26 windows but that takes absolutely FOREVER with clean, scrub, squeegy wipe tracks and moving the ladder from window to window on the exterior

We clean in gutters in snow, ice and rain. I try to schecule GA and Florida properties in the winter whwn they will let me but I’m trying to quit rhe traveling. I say this laying in a hotel bed 3 hours from home at another property lol

lol unforetunately at this point in the game i dont have the resources to travel to florida in the winter to work… Also, how do you guys afford advertising just through gutter cleaning? My website through hibu alone costs me $600/month and i get nowhere near 6 gutter cleanings a month (we start at $99) so between the advertising, insurance and gas i would have to do 6+ a week just to make it worth my while

Mine are town home communities and apartment communities. I don’t really do residential gutters. Town home units pay about $18 per unit so a crew has to do a 100 a day to be profitable. That 100 may take 3 days when it wet and sloppy in the winter. I quit advertising about 5 or 6 years ago.

glad to see you have the repeat business to not worry about advertising!

In Michigan I charge $2/2.5 for a standard pane and a second story standard pane respectively. Usually a dollar per screen. Keep in mind that I count a single double hung window as 4 panes (upper and lower inside and out).

In California I charge $3/$6/$9/$12 per pane for “standard” panes, “standard” sliders, over-sized sliders (that I need a ladder to reach the top with) and obnoxiously large sliding panes respectively. I live in a desert there so I have to vacuum out all the fine dust out of the tracks. Solar panels are a good add on too.

It’s not as good of money as softwashing for sure. In Michigan I can consistently pull $60-85/hr and California $75-100/hr cleaning windows. But…there is less liability. Especially when it comes to tricky rooftops and sidings soft washing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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what exactly is your process for window cleaning? Do you physically go up and spray, scrub, squeegy and wipe every window? Ive seen people use WFP for windows but im not exactly sure how that works

And then you have to like…clean gutters…GASP

It wasn’t overnight so hang in there. Next June makes 20 years doing this crap

not bad pricing… Ive done gutters in the ice before, def not a fun time!