What do u hate about "SH" or bleach?

Simple question. I know the stuff is magic and almost everyone uses it to clean almost everything. My question though is what don’t you like?

I hate that it stains my shirts and will eat them. I hate that i have to water down all plants before using it. I that i have to drive 1hr 30min to buy it. LOL


I hate having to go all the way to the bank to deposit all those checks because of bleach…gets on my last nerve. :slight_smile:


Like Guy said, I hate how it causes me to go to the bank with a stack of checks!

But seriously, I hate corrosive it is to equipment and t-shirts…

What I love, is the cleaning power!

Sounds like one of those good problems guy :wink:

really though, nothing you dislike? Smell, non-Eco friendly, anything?

It is eco friendly, just like Guy will tell you all it is, is electrified salt water…You just have to do a good job at keeping the plants hydrated…

If the smell dictionary had an entry for clean, it would feature SH.

If you mean something that allows a thirty year rated shingle roof to exceed its rated life, rather than being replaced at fifteen years old because it looks worn out, you’ve just defined Eco-friendly.

If your looking for a sanitizer to add to questionable quality water so that it can be safely used to sustain human life, use SH.

If you think it stinks, it’s really just suggesting that you should protect your lungs with a respirator.

If your bothered by the wear and tear on your clothes, take it as a sign to keep it off of your clothes and skin.

And the top reason to love hypo is, . . . . It’s been erasing racing stripes from little boys whitey tighties for generations.

Respect the Love !!

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There is definitely a learning curve with sh. Once you get through it you are set. Keep the plants and grass well hydrated and you will have no problems with landscaping. Always rinse your equipment and truck or trailer and they will last along time. Don’t rinse and you will rust out the frame. I have had my Fatboy bandit three seasons now and the only things I have had to replace are wands and gaskets. No other problems. We always run at least 10 gals of water through it at the end of the day. Our first t shirts were blue 100% cotton, they lasted about 30 mins before they were spotted. We switched to 50/50 cotton polyblend grey shirts and they haven’t spotted at all. Replaced after 2 years because they were to soiled. Sh based roof cleaning solution costs me about $1.50 per gal. With a gallon covering about 100-150 sq ft so by far it is the biggest. Moneymaker that I have. We used around 750 gals of sh this year. Without a problem.


Love the enthusiasm. This was more of an opinion question then anything. I totally get that SH is the greatest thing for cleaning since sliced bread. I use a lot myself. Just more or less trying to get a survey on the downsides of everyone’s favorite cleaning solution.

Sounds like you’re trying to come up with a list of bad things about bleach for a website to promote some snake oil your selling or using

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I wish I was that smart

From what little experience I have in this industry, I’ve seen that people really don’t appreciate others trying to budge in the “Backdoor” and start hustling some magic product or certification. Plus, if guys have been using SH for 30+ years to clean, who is crazy enough to say something “works better”? I just like the interesting conversation.

But if you’d like some snake oil, I’m sure I could find some… you just have to pay shipping :wink:

Stuff is great. I hate that I run out so fast


You guys are funny. He asked what you guys dislike about bleach. I know it’s a great cleaning agent for what we do, but there’s still downfalls. It’s obviously the best cleaning agent to use right now even with the downfalls.

My partner does all the in field operations but here is a short list of things that worry me each time he goes out.

  1. Killing plants.
  2. Turning siding green
  3. Ruining clothes (I obviously don’t worry too much about this one, but I’m sure it’s on Brandon’s mind)
  4. Breathing it

We are brand new with using it this year and I’m sure there are a lot of other concerns. Even with these concerns, I’m still sold on using it and won’t be switching unless something better comes along…

Some will say smell, some will say plant damage, some will say clothes damage, some will say equipment damage and all are valid concerns to some guys.

To me it’s a non-issue, the reason is ROI. Call it “Net” or “Gross” or whatever, it’s the cost of doing business.

Look at it this way 5 gals ($13) + 45-60 mins. = $300+ … I’ll take that all day long.

I couldent agree more. At the price point of SH, there is no comparison. Like I said, i am no self proclaimed expert, but I’ve also had a few SH mix ups in my learning proces, such as many other guys in our industry. To say SH is green, atleast to me, is not the truest statement. A “green” solution can’t blind you, burn your skin, rust your vehicle or anything it touches, ruin all non white/grey clothes, kill any living plant with a bit of overspray. And the list goes on. SH is amazing and like I said, I use the ssame volume of anyone using a roof cleaning or soft washing system. Just wanted others opinions. Thanks for the input.

If you add green food dye to the SH it will be green:cool:

The staining and eating shirt problerm can be solved very easily by wearing Dickies. I wear Dickie work pants and shirts and I can splash 15% SH on them with no problems.

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How much time could we save if we did not have to water done or cover up? I love sh as much as anyone here and guy said it best I love taking the checks to the bank. But there are.some down sides to it we just live with it. And have leaned how to keep it safe.

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Yep. +1 on the Dickies 874 pants Len. Picked up a few pair at Walmart after you mentioned them in Huntsville. Look great, and roof mix does not touch them. Ive improved my appearance from bleach spotted jeans!

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