What CRM does everyone use?

I’ve been using Joist and Google calender forever now, along with Square for taking cards. I really want to integrate everything together so I’m looking for my best option. The Customer Factor seems to have everything in one place, along with scheduled email drips as well as the recent Square integration. Since I’ve never used anything other than a free service to handle these things, I’m a bit apprehensive. Also, Joist is SUPER simple to use and these other CRMs are a bit more to take in obviously. What have you guys found works well for this business?

I use ProPosal and square, but have heard alot of good things about customer factor and I may be going to them this year

I’m all but sold on it. The automated email drips alone are quite valuable. And they have now integrated with Square so I can process cards as I always have, except it can all be done from one invoice instead of sending a separate square invoice. For $35 a month, it really seems like a no brainer. I’m just paranoid about spending money on a service I’ve always had a smaller, free version of.

I also use Joist and enjoy how simple the application is. Just a heads up they are adding payment solutions into the application within the next few months. So you can remove Square out of the apps you use depending on how it turns out for Joist.

That’s a part of my apprehension is leaving the simplicity of Joist to go to something that is far more complex. But I’ve read on other threads that people get more repeat business by using Customer Factor, I assume via the auto email drips.
Joist is so simple and I can fly thru it like it’s nothing.
Such a small decision but so complicated, lol.

What email domain do you use?

My site and email are thru Vistaprint.


Just talked to Joist this morning and they said payment solutions is now live. If you dont see it on your account yet they can activate it manually as they are slowing releasing to the users.

As far as automated drips go they have a chrome extensions you can add to your browser. Enabling this allows you to schedule automated drips through your gmail account but I doubt they have any integration for vista prints email domain.

Looks like it’s only for Apple devices…

I have it on my android device but unfortunately you cant take payments on the phone with Android or Apple products. What happens now is when you send the invoice they have the option to pay now when received. So they will have to pay through the invoice you email them using Joist. According to the guy I spoke with this morning getting that functionality on Joist is phase two of getting payment solutions on the app.

I am OK with not taking payments on the device. I do almost everything via invoice. But the link you posted up earlier only shows the Apple App store. I have the android app as well, but I don’t see where I can turn on payment options as the link instructs to do.

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Go to their support page and on the bottom right a window will pop up requesting chat. Use that and ask if they can turn your account on for payments it took like 5 minutes and I had everything working. Ran a few test transactions already today seemed to go pretty smooth.

I use HouseCall pro it works well for me as far as invoicing, estimates, emailing, and crm

Y’all have totally lost me. My wife uses something called quickbooks to invoice properties. For houses and residential I write out preprinted, carbon copy invoices for the guys to leave inn the doors. They don’t knock when they leave so hopefully no idle chit chat and on to the next one. I don’t accept credit cards.

@Innocentbystander, really? Wow. I couldn’t imagine all that paper, lol. I’m 99% paperless.

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I got note pads in my pockets and scratch pads everywhere lol.

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I use act for my database and then quick quotes for invoices. The two work together so it only takes a minute to print an invoice. I preprint invoices before I go to the job. Then if they want to pay by credit card I use card reader on tablet and take payments through paypal. The act also has an e-mail funtion through swift pages. I have used act for years so have stuck with it.

I use Quickbooks 2017. It is an awesome system and extremely easy to navigate. They have been around for year’s and aren’t going anywhere.

I have thoroughly enjoyed jobber, worth every penny.

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I cannot stress enough how much time jobber has saved me and money. I am in a small niche, Kitchen exhaust cleaning, I have a lot of reoccurring business.

Scheduling is a breeze, its all on a nice easy to use phone app, calendar is updated instantly. My employees and I know when jobs are confirmed or changed. I have fewer reschedules and no shows with the automatic email confirmation. Rescheduling is easy too, drag and drop. Cleanings are done on regular intervals, so the software runs itself. The app automatically send emails to text messages (done with a script that blasts all major carriers) when an employee leaves for a job site too! I need to document every job well, pictures are labeled stored digitally via eyefi, details about job-sites are easily updated and viewed. sending service reports with pictures to customers is so easy. I put RF tags on the equipment and the app reminds them if they left anything at a job-site. with the RF tags i know how much inventory my employees use, particularly plastic, and chemical. It has GPS tracking, and my employees can punch in with the software. I know how much time they spend at a job. I never lose receipts because i snap a quick photo, and its all stored digitally into quick books Makes nice estimates that easily turn into invoices, that are easily tracked. I get paid quicker, the digital invoice gives an easy link to pay that goes into google wallet, automatically synced with quick books. My accountant can access my time sheet information to do payroll. It has nice map virtualization software that I can optimize routes, tweak cleaning dates and fit in more work. Almost Paperless, law require me to leave a copy of a service report. Seriously if your not in the digital age, your working yourself to death.