What chemical to use? Blown transformer


It’s like a soot from the transformer that blown. What chemical do you recommend to clean it? Degreaser? What would you charge? It’s a metal working company.


Several thoughts -

  1. Looks to be painted metal siding. Do they plan on repainting?
  2. EBC or degreaser is what I would try first.I might even just try soppy water with dawn. If it is just soot laying on top of the surface and not baked in, might come off easily. Have you done a test area yet?
  3. Might need a soft bristle brush to scrub a bit.
  4. Looks to be between 25-30 ft. Gonna be getting on a ladder or rent a lift and put in bid.
  5. While all that is meant to be outdoors, would still be a bit nervous spraying water all over the electrical stuff and I am generally not afraid of electricity.


EBC fo sho


For 8 hours I’m st $1200. Don’t know if it’d take that long, but that’s where I’d be.


Well if they have made the repairs and the new transformer is live I would not even consider it lol… probably 4160 volts.

It will kill you and will hurt the whole time it’s happening!


There looks to be a fair amount of damaged siding. Are they planning on replacing that?


I’ll save @Innocentbystander some typing. Walk away :grinning:


Let me help you make the right choice!


Wife. Looked at me crazy when playing that


Lock out, tag out. If it’s not already known that you have it deenergized before you wash, that’s a problem for a different forum.


I would say “later, tater” and run, not walk away.


The voltage comes in off the main lines. You would have a hard time getting the utility provider to shut that down. The 3 lines you see pictured are where the utility company meets the owners high voltage gear.


Also if any soap infiltrates the gear when they turn it back on it will flash out again.


If there is an electrical issue already, and they’re not prepared to turn it off and cover the thing in order to clean up that side of the building, and they still want you to wash with it energized yeah run away. But if there was obviously already a problem you think they’d want to be a little bit careful now that it’s repaired

I’d fall out of my chair if they would let you wash it with the staff energize behind you.


I’ve always said, you’re one minor landing gear failure away from a large settlement.


That is my theme song lately! I see the forecast and I start singing it!


It likely failed due to de-lamination. Nothing you can do about it except try to detect it before it happens with an ultrasound machine. That’s what I spent last week doing when I text you the thermal image videos.


This is actually a picture I took of our insurance auditor listening for the same problem.


Well, the company said they will have the equipment powered down. I will have to have them show me where it’s locked out and tagged out prior to washing. They are getting a lot of bids on the job. As I walked out another company was coming in. That shiny part that looks like a tower is the bare metal from where it blew. I will also have a form they will sign, to make sure I’m settled Incase if issues with the transformer, prior to cleaning the siding. I thought about walking away, considering I still have my equipment winterized. But they need it done at the middle of next month. The Black comes off with a hard rub of the thumb. I’m thinking EBC as well.


@SchertzServicesLLC “LERROOYYY JENKINNNS!!!” is my new phrase for “told ya so.” :wink: