What chemical to use? Blown transformer


Before I ever thought of touching that I would want the utility company out there, to ensure it’s actually powered down. No live wires…

They can say the equipments powered down, but like @SchertzServicesLLC said the lines coming in still could be powered down and / or the equipment below. It is very rare to get power turned off before the transformer. Unless your washing before they install the new one … ( doubt it)

Looks like a huge risk… would be one id want to make sure your insurance covers as well.


Oh I never said it couldn’t be done. And that it can’t be done safely. But when the power company kills power they will most likely pull the three plugs that connect the line to the pole in the picture showed. That means the would will still be three phase right at that pole pictured. unless the power company is willing to disconnect it at the pole on the powerline away from the building. That would be the only possible way I would consider it. So I’m not admitting I’m wrong but I’m not admitting you’re right LOL


But not for long, lol.


I’d be at $3500. If you get it fine, if not so be it. If you’re going to mess with some PITA might as well make it worth your while.


Oh I’ve seen some pretty grueling videos where guys get hit with arc flash then walk around empty factories confused trying to find help. Pretty nasty stuff.


This is where the power company will “pull” power. These three “plugs” disconnect the line from the feed. But the power will still be right at these 3 phases. Just not allowed to go through the mini power line. If water were to jump any of these phases you would meet your god! And you can’t tarp or bag them because they would get wet and definitely flash out.


I appreciate all the info. I really can care a less if I don’t win the bid. Anyways, my stuff is not dewinterized yet haha


I would also make sure you are capable of applying your own LOTO on their system once they shut it down.