What chemical injector for 8 gpm?

I’ve been searching high and low and have had very little luck finding one. I currently have a general hi-draw injector that is supposed to be rated for 8 gpm, but the mix it puts out simply isn’t hot enough. Is there anything I can do to make it draw at a higher ratio?

Lengthy discussion about the subject in other posts, bottom line is you can try a GP 3-5 injector or force feed it with a small 12v pump. 8gpm just doesn’t draw as hard as a 4…frustrating.

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Do you use use straight 12.5 SH?

The injector size you need


It will get you about 18-1 strength. Or you can get a super suds sucker and get around 12-1 but it’s pricy.

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A SSS is identical in specs to a GP and pulls no more or less.

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Still on the search then for an injector that pulls atleast 12-1. There’s Dultmeier but their plastic injector nipple breaks easy and they don’t sell the stainless steel ones. I have plenty of GP 3-5 gpm 2.1’s

what are your thoughts on all these check valves people are putting on them now? I see insane prices on them, and it looks like a GP w/ check valve. Seems like snake oil, but who knows.

Back on PTstate in the mid 2000’s guys were trying them out. I guess they work, but they work without them also. There have been very few “new” ideas in this industry recently. Vendors just rehash old ideas, but they gotta feed their families also.

The only method that seems like it works is to gets a regular undersize injector and force-feed it

inline 12v pump? How much juice is needed for that, would a cheap pump work?

I can’t figure why you are trying to get a higher draw rate.

I am using the check valve on my 8.6 gpm machine. It definitely draws more mix than without it. I would like more though for those extremely dirty houses.

I used a 1.8 injector on my 8.6 and it pulled a lot more chems but the flow was significantly lower. To low for me to keep using it. 2.1 it my preferred injector size for my machine.

Something like this? https://www.amazon.com/AIICIOO-Stainless-Steel-Check-Valve/dp/B0834RYS3G/ref=sr_1_7?c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Check%2BValves&qid=1605305310&refinements=p_n_feature_seven_browse-bin%3A5485702011&s=industrial&sr=1-7&ts_id=1265146011&th=1

Cheap enough to throw on and play with. :slight_smile:

Look at squids rec on viton (sp?) chemical injector from Dultmeier (sp?) I have 8gpm and use these exclusively. Beware - do NOT attempt to remove the rubbery barb, it will break.

I like my mix to be around a 1.00%. Seems to be a good strength that on the majority of house washes come clean with in less that 5 min sit time.

When I had my 4 gpm with a 10-1 draw using straight 10%, that’s the result I got. I tried to save Chems and used a 20-1 ratio and required either a much longer dwell time or a second application.

I know racer mentioned his strength is around .83 or 86 or something of the sort and it’s worked great.

But a 12.5 strength being diluted 18-1 is a .69 strength which to me means 2 applications in my head.

That’s too much thinking about it. I ds, then rinse. Ratio means nothing. If it isn’t dirty, add some water to the tank. If it’s really bad, unscrew the orifice from the injector barb.

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The GP injectors I use don’t have proportioners in the barb. The 2.1 3-5gpm that is

I might just set up a softwash system and use the 8 gpm for rinsing. I need one of those for roofs and stucco and whatnot anyway.

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