What are your thought on quick connect soap applicators?

I saw one at lowes. You just attach it like a nozzle tip and it has a little bottle on bottom of it to apply soaps. Basically xjetting. have you guys used this before?

Each truck goes thru about 150 gallons of mix a day downstreaming. It would have to be a pretty big bottle

Good point. It would be more useful if I was just cleaning my car or something.

I use a x-jet but I only do residentail work. 1 5gal bucket of soap will do a whole 2 story. But if your doing large jobs the Xjet would be a pain in the ass

150 gallons a mix per day downstreaming? lol. Not possible to downstream 150 gallons in a day if you turn the drum over.

I’ll try to remember that lol. We downstream about 4 or 5 hundred gallons of mix each day between all the trucks. I buy about a grand a week in bleach during the busy season.

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Impossible to downstream that much mix in a day. Certainly not everyday.

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We do it everday. Sorry to bust your impossible

Ok man if you say so but I will believe that when I believe organic fruit is healthier.

As you like

With an 8 gpm machine, your draw rate is probably at least .5 gallons of soap per minute. 150 gallons would last 300 minutes, or 5 hours of straight use. With 2 machines, that’s 2.5 hours of soaping per machine, per day. If the machines are running 7.5 hours per day, that’s one third of the time for soaping, 2/3 for rinsing. Sounds about right to me, considering the type of work IB does.

That’s about right Alex. Each trucks starts off with 65 gallons in the tank and six 5 gallons pails to make another tank and a half. Apartments both guys soap and rinse. Townhomes, one guy soaps all day and one guy rinses. Times 4 trucks it adds up.

I’ve been down streaming for the most part, but just made this Frankenstein mess this afternoon out of spare fittings, a DS fitting o got for $22 at Northern, and the handle from my hot water lance… Tested a 20ft draw tube and shot water and dish soap 26ish feet down the street. I’m 5’10 and at arms length maybe close to 8 feet so I’m assuming it’ll shoot straight up 35’. If not I have an extension. It’s basically the same as the thing you’re talking about except instead of the soap on the end of the gun it’s in a 5 gallon bucket 20 feet away.

DSing I have to go back to the machine to switch to rinse. With this monstrosity I don’t. I’ll let you know how it works in real life.

That works fine. The few times we have to join hoses we pop in an injector between the gun and hose(so you don’t have to change quick connects) and do the same thing. Good tinkering. That’s how you learn. Now change out that male nipple on your gun and put a female on. Then you will have twice impressed us :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Haha then I have to change all my fittings. I’m curious though… why does the reverse matter? And do you know why my black soap tip sputters and basically mists with this thing?

Isn’t that kind of like xjetting? Soap tip might be sputtering due to the pressure created at the injector… just a thought by no means an expert.

Every garden and fire hose in world leads with the male end. All about friction loss. It will also keep keep your hose from hanging up as much if it has couplers on backwards as well. Put the injector behind the gun and sputtering should stop. Throw black tip down storm drain at first opportunity.

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I think it’s just like X-jetting in it’s basic form. Except I read somewhere that putting a few inches of pipe past the venturi injector gathers the fluid back into a cylinder so it doesn’t spin out everywhere. Gives you a more concentrated blast. Apparently. I’m not a rocket doctor either. I have a degree in finance & economics not engineering… I just found that I preferred to be outside. Ha!

Oh and it was a $22 fitting and everything else was in a spare parts bucket.

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I was on the way back out to the garage anyway… Now I have an actual task instead sweeping or something.