Wet it and forget it

I’ve had three customers in two days tell me they want to apply wet it and forget it to they’re home as a post treatment to make the cleaning last longer. They must be marketing this stuff heavily. I told all of them we don’t offer it but if we did it would be an up charge. I’m tempted to just go buy the stuff and use it as an add on.

Is there a commercial version of this stuff that I can buy in bulk?

Is it worth it/will it even work remotely. My only concern is getting called back the next year by an unhappy customer because it didn’t prevent it.

Maybe I’ll just do it for customers that inquire about it with a warning of not really sure if this stuff works.


I’ve thought about it… I wouldn’t sell it as wet and forget.

But as an inhibitor to slow down the growth of mold, mildew, algae.

Make no guarantees though, all dependent on the enviro,met you live in.

@CaCO3Girl explained this before as “quats”
She might know of a commercial version.

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I’ve used it on my house couple years ago seemed to work well. I always get asked about it. Nowhere near the results on a roof though. (My experience)
It kills the green but it takes a few good rains for the siding to look good imo.
My neighbor uses it on his cedar wood siding and it looks good. Like to know more about it, but SH is still king.

I’m sure that it works but would applying it to a house that was just cleaned with sh extend the length of that cleanings longevity

I tried to look up the sds, if it does work. I am sure we can find a way to make it at a less expensive rate

It’s an EPA registered pesticide. My favorite part is where it says right on the label not to allow it to go into waterways or storm drains! It kills a LOT of stuff and is poison to wildlife and fish.

They are all similar. Wet and forget, spray and forget…the formula is pretty much on the epa master label. You can’t buy an epa registered quat unless you plan to put it in an epa registered product, but they will sell anyone a slightly modified version that is still a deadly quat. You just can’t make any claims about it killing mold or stopping mold. It’s still over $3 a POUND! But it doesn’t take much in the bottle to get the same effects.

Frankly I think it’s a bad plan and I’d inform the customers what the label actually says. Go and look at a bottle and take a picture of the warnings. Be the guy who educates rather than going with the market. Don’t be the doctor who said cigarettes were “safe”.


With that said, it will likely be the plan going forward. However, does it make any sense at all to clean a house with SH and then immediately apply quats? Would it extend the cleaning staying clean?

Customers likely don’t care about what the label says but if I could tell them it makes no sense and is useless. Legitimately useless, the educating would be much easier.

At this point it’s moslt out of curiosity. A total of three customers won’t dictate services offered.

Wait. Are you trying to say that cigarettes aren’t safe? They changed all the cigarettes to fire safe so I can smoke in bed without any worries. You’re just living in the past! Get with the times!

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I will refer to this post to educate my customers! Thanks

Do you not offer a 5 year warranty with your roof cleaning? Heck how much longer they want?

You think that would hold up in a hot & humid environment, with lots of lake houses.

I have one year, was thinking of bumping it up to 3 years.

I’m tempted to offer a 2 year guarantee on house washing for mold and algae.

Not around here you wouldn’t, lol.


I offer 2yr. But this thread was in regard to house washing.

Here in Louisiana no warranty on house Washing lol. I have several that get washed twice a year. They’re basically clean and mostly just washing the north side but a warranty here wouldn’t be a good idea. Roofs should be good for 3yrs but I don’t really know as I’m in my 2nd season. Doing 2yr atm. Maybe I’ll adjust it down the road.

You must be washing in Uptown, or Metairie.

The whole area. It’s about 20 mile radius. You familiar with the area? Live/lived near by?

In the arm pit of America. For ten years.NOLA, Da East…off of Almonaster Ave…We’re they drag race every Wednesday n Sunday

Lol, nice. Big change from Nola to Arkansas. I’m born, raised and reside. I may leave one of these days.

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The algae just doesn’t come back for a few years in my area. Bad for business lol